Environmental Health Services

What is Environmental Health?

Environmental health is a branch of public health that addresses all aspects of the broader environment that can affect human health. There is a direct connection between the environment and the health of communities and individuals. The World Health Organization has defined environmental health as "aspects of human health and diseases that are determined by environmental factors." 

Environmental health also includes the process of assessing and controlling environmental health hazards that may cause adverse effects, whether human-made or natural. It connects the social and cultural environments, as well as genetic components.

Environmental Health at SHD

Our Environmental Health team strives to prevent environmental health hazards in the community before they happen. By conducting frequent inspections and investigations of businesses within Springdale, the team is able to work with owners and landlords to identify and correct concerns in a timely fashion to prevent disturbances in operations. Clean, healthy, and safe operations promote a healthful community for us all to work, play, and live within.

We offer licensing and training courses for various aspects of food safety management. Please visit the tabs on the left for applications and information on all areas of our inspections and investigation processes.