Public Works Department

Mission Statement

The Public Works Department provides integral services to our community every day. Our department's mission is to maintain the City's thoroughfares so as to ensure the safe movement for both vehicular and pedestrian travel, and to oversee the efficient operation of the City's solid waste collection/recycling program. Developing and offering efficient, cost effective services in partnership with our citizens will help us achieve our vision to make Springdale a leading city in the country by being an outstanding provider of Public Works Services.


The City maintains 43.72 centerline miles / 138.51 lane miles within Springdale. This includes both State Route 4 (Springfield Pike) and State Route 747 (Princeton Pike), but not I-275.

Public Works is responsible for the management of the Right of Way which generally includes the road, curbs, sidewalks, trees, and utilities. This Right of Way area varies depending on the street, but ranges from 20 feet to 100 feet in overall width. This area is owned by the City of Springdale, however, it is up to the property owner to maintain.  The department is also responsible for roadway capital improvements that take place throughout the City.

Jeff Agricola, Director of Public Works

Jeff Agricola

The Director of Public Works is responsible for managing the operations designed to maintain and provide safe and efficient travel on all City streets. The Director also oversees the maintenance and repair of other public infrastructure throughout the City such as storm sewers and sidewalks.

Director of Public Works Jeffrey P. Agricola joined the City of Springdale workforce in September 2006 as the Assistant Superintendent of Public Works. Jeff served in that capacity until 2008 when the Superintendent of Public Works resigned. In November of the same year, Jeff was appointed to the position of Superintendent of Public Works. By a vote of the citizens of Springdale in 2009, the title for the position was changed from Superintendent of Public Works to Director of Public Works.

Throughout his career, Jeff has actively participated in several professional associations such as the American Public Works Association, the Public Works Officials of Southwest Ohio, the Mill Creek Council of Communities, and the Mill Creek Yacht Club.

Jeff began his career in public works in 1992 with Delhi Township as the Assistant Director of Public Works. Prior to his Delhi Township experience, Jeff was employed as a Project Manager with a private construction company.

Jeff is a 1991 graduate of the University of Cincinnati, earning a Bachelor of Science in Construction Management and an Associate of Applied Science in Civil and Construction Engineering.

When away from his Springdale duties, Jeff enjoys working on projects around the house, canoeing on the Mill Creek, photography, and outdoor activities.

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