Capital Improvement Projects

Road Closure

The City is constantly looking for ways to improve the City of Springdale for safety, traffic congestion, and functionality, along with keeping the City beautiful.  Matching our funds with grant and loan funding helps us to maximize the invested dollars to the community benefit.


For a list of current and upcoming road closures in and around Springdale;

Last Updated: August 4, 2023:

Traffic is advised to be cautious along Crescentville Road between Strategic Parkway and  International Boulevard as work continues to finish the widening and road improvement project.

Motorist should use caution while traveling Sheraton Lane as road work continues.  Lane restrictions exist along Ray Norrish Drive to finalize the road improvements in this area.

Night time temporary lane restrictions will take place along State Route 4 (Springfeild Pike) to accommodate a current street resurfacing project starting at the I-275 and extending into the City of Fairfield limits.

Traffic will be impacted by road resurfacing crews starting Monday, August 14, 2023 as the City of Springdale partners with ODOT to mill and pave State Route 747 (Princeton Pike) starting at the southern corporation limit (Walnut Street) and ending at the intersection of Kemper Road.

Projects in the Planning Stages

Many projects exist within the City of Springdale that we are currently evaluating for safety, traffic capacity, and future needs.  These projects are in the development stages with regard to funding, engineering, and timeframe

  • Annual Summer Street Program
  • Northland Boulevard Major Street Rehabilitation
  • Pictoria Drive and Northwest Boulevard Improvements
  • Centron, Tricon, Container and Progress area street improvements
  • Ross Park bridge replacement
  • Route 4 Streetscape Improvements
  • Kemper Road at Northland Boulevard Intersection Improvements
  • Walnut, Pear, Main and Osborne Improvements
  • Glensharon Road Improvements
  • Century and Century Circle Boulevard Improvements
  • Kemper Road at CSX Railroad Bridge Rehabilitation Project (2023)
  • Citywide Signal Upgrades; Kemper and Princeton Pike Signal Replacement (2023)
  • Kemper Road Signal System Upgrades (2021)
  • Landon Lane Reconstruction(2020)
  • Chesterdale Road Improvements (2019)
  • Beacon Hills Subdivision resurfacing (2020) 
  • Olde Gate Drive Curb Replacement and Resurfacing (2019)
  • Jake Sweeney Place Rehabilitation (2019)
  • Glensprings Drive Rehabilitation (2019)
  • 2019 Pavement Preservation Program - Kemper, Chesterdale, Oxford Hills Subdivision, Glensprings cul-de-sacs and State Route 4 (2019)
  • Springdale Park Subdivision Watermain and Repaving Project (2018)
  • Beacon Hills Subdivision Curb and Street Improvements (2018)
  • Glensprings Curb Replacement and Resurfacing (2018)
  • Jake Sweeney Place Improvements (2018)
  • 2017 Pavement Preservation Program - Glenview, Heritage Hill and Terrace subdivisions (2017)
  • Springfield Pike Service Rd. Rehabilitation Project (2017)
  • West Kemper Rd. - Springfield Pike to Kenn Rd. Repaving (2017)
  • Cameron Rd and Naylor Ct. Reconstruction (2017)
  • Springdale Lake Dr. and Ray Norrish Dr. Repaving (2017)
  • Bernhart Ct., Whallon Ct. and Grandin Avenue Improvements (2017)
  • Southbound Route 4 to I-275 Lane Addition (2017)
  • State Route 4 Urban Paving - Cameron Rd. to Glensprings Dr. (2017)
  • Demolition of Former Sheraton Hotel (2017)
  • West Kemper Rd - Lawnview to Princeton Pike Pavement Preservation (2016)
  • Oxford Hills subdivision -
  • Pavement Preservation (2016)
  • West Kemper Rd. - Walnut to Lawnview Improvements (2015)
  • Boggs Lane Improvements (2015)
  • Kenn Rd. Improvements (2014)
  • Woodvale Ct. and Ashmore Ct. Reconstruction (2014)
  • 2013 Summer Street Improvements
  • State Route 4 - Sharon Rd. to Cameron Rd Urban Paving (2013)
  • Century Boulevard Reconstruction (2012)
  • Merchant Street (2012)
  • 2012 Summer Street Improvements
  • Signal Upgrade Project (2011)
  • Phase II Beaver Run Riparian Restoration Project (2011)
  • Northland Boulevard (2010)