City Administration

Mission Statement

The mission of the Springdale Administration is to provide leadership and direction in carrying out the policies and executing the laws governing this City as established by the legislative body of our community and the State of Ohio.

City Administrators

Operating under a strong-Mayor form of government, the Administration is led by City Administrator John J. Jones, and Assistant City Administrator Brian Uhl.   

The Administration Team

The Administrative staff function in support of the Administrators and work collaboratively with all City departments in the endeavor to provide the highest level of services to the community.

Human Resources Administrator Stephanie Morgan

Assistant to the City Administrator Nicole Browder

Technical Services Administrator Anthony Pagan

Part-time Administrative Assistants, Julius Gandy and Teresa McGinnis

The Administration office is located in the Springdale Municipal Building at 11700 Springfield Pike.  




11700 Springfield Pike
Springdale, OH 45246
United States

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39.287217, -84.485136