The city of Springdale Health Department (SHD) licenses and inspects public swimming pools and spas in Springdale. The State of Ohio has adopted these laws and rules that public health departments in Ohio enforce. This includes the Springdale Community pool, Hotel/Motel Pools, and Apartment/Condo pools. SHD inspects the indoor pool/spa year-round and the outdoor pools during the summer season which typically goes from Memorial Day through Labor Day. Pool inspections monitor water quality, pool safety equipment, general maintenance, and cleanliness of surrounding areas and facilities and ensure all pool-filtering equipment is approved by the Ohio Department of Health.


The City of Springdale Health Department developed/adopted regulations that set the minimum health and safety standards required to be maintained by Hotel/Motel owners/Operators in the City of Springdale. Inspections of the hotels/motels are conducted 2 or more times annually. Inspections take a snapshot look at all rooms and assess general maintenance/cleanliness of the furniture, bedding, and fixtures and wall/floor/ceiling covering maintenance. Restrooms, plumbing fixtures, appliances, ice makers, and common areas/hallways are inspected too. Any signs of pest control issues are required to be corrected immediately and are re-inspected for compliance. This locally enforced program is in place as a way to educate, monitor, and nudge local operations towards continuous improvement so that hotel guests and visitors to Springdale will want to return to the city.


Annually, the City of Springdale Health Department inspects the city jail for health and safety compliance.


Springdale adopted a local School Inspection Regulation in 2010 and conducts annual health and safety inspections of the schools in Springdale.


The Health Department conducts investigations into nuisance complaints in Springdale. These issues may range from refuse to unsanitary condition complaints.