Home Improvement Repair Program (HIRP)


The Home Improvement Repair Program provides a reimbursement for costs associated with exterior repairs to owner-occupied dwellings. The program is made available through Community Development Block Grant funding from the US Department of Housing And Urban Development.  The program provides additional funding to a homeowner with qualifying income to make necessary exterior repairs or improvements to their homes. Past experience has shown that the extra funding has been just enough to allow a repair or improvement project to become a reality. The program is a win-win for Springdale and the homeowner. Maintaining and improving your property not only increases your property values, it enhances the values of the entire community.

Currently, the available amount for each application is a maximum of $3,500.00 per application/household annually. The application can now be downloaded from the link above or a copy can be picked up in the Building Department.

Applications are now being accepted on a first come first serve basis and must be delivered in person by the applicant. (Special circumstances need to be approved prior to delivery of the application.)

Applications will not be accepted online, by e-mail, or faxed to protect applicants private information.

Please be sure to read carefully through the application, making sure that it is filled out completely, signed, and initialed in all appropriate places. 

Please be sure to bring all documentation with you as required by the application when turning in your application.  Incomplete applications will not be accepted.

If you have any questions, please contact the Building Department for assistance at (513) 346-5730.


  • Income guidelines may change annually so please be aware that the application will be updated when new information is received.
  • Grant funding for this program is limited.
  • There are no guarantees that all applicants will be approved and/or funded.
  • You can only be awarded funds once per application year and it must be a year or more from any previous approval.
  • This program is for owner occupied homes in the City of Springdale.