Temporary Use Permits

The Springdale Zoning Code allows certain temporary promotional signs and balloons to advertise special events on commercial properties.

Banners - The Zoning Code allows banners to be placed on the exterior of buildings for a one month period. In multi-tenant buildings only two banners may be placed on a building at one time. Banner permits may be renewed monthly provided there are no other pending applications in a multi-tenant building. Banners may not exceed 25% of the allowable area of permanent signs permitted for the business. A no charge permit is issued for banners by the Building Department.

Window Signs - Temporary painted window signs are prohibited. Painted window signs shall be treated as permanent signs requiring a permit and fee and must be counted against the maximum allowable area of signs for the business.

 Temporary special event signs may be displayed in windows without a permit provided they comply with all of the following:

  • not more than 25% of the window area of the wall on which they are displayed
  • not more than 200 s.f.
  • not more than 1 square foot per lineal foot of window length within the wall.

Balloons - Fan inflated promotional balloons may be placed on commercial properties for up to a 14 day period, 4 times per year. There must also be a one month period between the end of one use of a balloon and the beginning of the next use.  Balloons may be located on the roofs of buildings or on the ground.  When located on the ground they must be 15 feet minimum from the street right-of-way line. Helium tethered balloons are not permitted. A no charge permit is issued for balloons by the Building Department.

Trailer or Portable Signs are Prohibited

To apply for a temporary banner or balloon visit our application page.