Development Regulations

The City of Springdale is very interested in maintaining, improving and protecting the character and value of residential, institutional, public, business, commercial and manufacturing uses; and to ensure orderly and beneficial development throughout the City.

The City of Springdale requires all new development and redevelopment of private property to be approved by the Planning Commission before full Construction Permits can be issued.  

All applications for development submitted to the City are submitted online on the Citizen Portal.  

To apply for Approval from the Planning Commission please go to the Application Process tab on the Planning Commission webpage.  

To apply for Approval for a Construction Permit for any new, additions or alterations please go to the Application Process tab on the General Permit Process webpage.  

Specific requirements are identified in the various codes referenced below and are intended to add further detailed information required to facilitate and expedite land development.

Summary of Development Review Process

The following procedural options have been developed for a typical development project is to assist Property Owners, Developers, Architects, Engineers, and others in initiating plans for a new development or redevelopment.