Other Permits

When Do I Need a Permit?

For all buildings other than 1,2, & 3 family dwellings and individual condominium units permits are required for the following work:

  1. New Buildings
  2. Building Additions
  3. Interior Alterations
  4. HVAC Units New and replacement
  5. HVAC Ductwork
  6. Reroofing
  7. Fire Sprinklers
  8. Fire Alarms
  9. Kitchen Exhaust Systems
  10. Fire Suppression Systems
  11. Signs
  12. Tents
  13. Awnings
  14. Demolition
  15. Fences
  16. Accessory Structures
  17. Swimming Pools, Hot tubs and Spas
  18. Gas Piping Installations
  19. Structural Repairs
  20. Water Heater Replacement
  21. Storm Sewers
  22. Retaining Walls
  23. Hydronic and Refrigeration Piping
  24. Driveways

The above list is not all inclusive. When you question if a permit is needed, your best bet is to call the Springdale Building Department at 513-346-5730.

Separate plumbing permits are required for new and extended water supply, waste and vent piping and replacement water heaters. Plumbing permits are issued by the Hamilton County General Health District, Plumbing Department 513-946-7800.

1, 2 & 3 - family and individual condo permits.