Old St. Mary's Cemetery

A historic treasure located in the City of Springdale can be found at the intersection of State Route 4 and Cameron Road.  Old St. Mary's Cemetery was located on land that was originally part of the James McCormick farm.  In this area, a log church was built (foundation is still there today) and a cemetery plat was started with the first burial of William Preston in 1806.  No one is certain why it is called St. Mary's, a name traditionally of Catholic faith, but the use of the name is noted on a Works Progress Administration map done in the Depression era.

There are a total of 731 people buried in this now inactive cemetery, each marker memorializing what for many were tragically whort lives as nearly 40 of the deceeased were younder than 21 at the time of burial.  The last internment took place in 1953 with the burial of Nellie Clawson.  The City of Springdale took ownership of the cemetery after it needed serious cleanup of deceasesd trees, overgrowth and many broken headstones in 1987. 

Cemetery historical marker with flags on fence

The City of Springdale recieved an award from the Ohio Historical Society in 2005.