West Crescentville Rehabilitation Project

Catch Basin Reconstruction photo

The City of Springdale is working in cooperation with the Butler County Engineer's Office to rehabilitate West Crescentville Road from State Route 4 to State Route 747.  Improvements include the lining of several storm pipes, reconstruction of storm catch basins and manhole structures, spot replacement of concrete curbs, replacement of commercial driveway aprons and a new asphalt driving surface. 

Driveway aprons that will be replaced will be at the expense of the property owners.  Property Owners will have the ability to replace thier own driveway apron by thier own contractor or they can hav ethe City replace the apron at the volume price and pay at the end of the project.  A letter will be sent out to those affected by the project and those that will need to replace thier driveway aprons due to replacement criteria.

Work is expected to begin in July of 2023 and is expected to be complete in the summer of 2024.

  1. Butler County Engineer's Office, Quimbyd [at] bceo.org (Dave Quimby)
  2. City of Springdale, Jeffrey Agricola