Northland Boulevard Road Reconstruction and Bioswale Installation Project

Northland Blvd Project Limits 2024

Primary goals: Replace deteriorated concrete pavement that was constructed in 1966 and repaired / resurfaced in 2010. Replace mast arm traffic signal at Tri-County Pkwy, which was constructed in 1985. Add sidewalks to fill in the existing sidewalk gaps and provide pedestrian crossing provisions on the traffic signals in the project area, to provide better connectivity for pedestrians to bus stops along the Northland Blvd. corridor. Revamp roadway drainage to create a water quality bio-swale along with appropriate water quality plantings and groundcover. Modify existing median breaks to better handle existing traffic patterns based on new businesses and driveways along the project corridor.

Project scope: Project limits, West Corporation Line with Forest Park to West Kemper Road (approximately 5000 ft.). Total removal of existing pavement (asphalt surface and concrete base) as well as removal of existing curb, catch basins, underdrains, etc. Reconstruct center median area as a bio-retention / bio-swale area; utilize with specific catch basins to act as overflow points. New asphalt on granular base pavement section; utilize full depth concrete pavement at bus stop locations, New curbing, new underdrains, new catch basins; review storm sewer and replace as needed. Replace the mast arm traffic signal at Tri-County Pkwy. Modify the mast arm traffic signal at West Kemper Road to accommodate new pedestrian crossing on the west and south sides of the intersection. New sidewalk to be constructed at the following locations: South side from Tri-County Pkwy to SR 4, South / East side from Tri-County Pkwy. to East Kemper Rd., North / West side from existing walk at Kerry Buick to West Kemper Rd., with crossing of West Kemper Rd. and Northland Blvd., Landan Lane on the west side and the South side of East Kemper from Northland Blvd. to the existing bus stop shelter. Maintenance of traffic; PHASE 1 construction on WB / SB lanes while maintaining traffic on EB / NB side, PHASE 2 construction on EB / NB lanes while maintaining traffic on the completed WB / SB lanes, provide temporary signalization for reconfigured lanes at SR 4, Tri-County Parkway and East Kemper Rd.

Preliminary project schedule: 

  • 2020 Conceptual design, STBG Funding awarded and project survey
  • 2021 Stage 1 design
  • 2022 Stage 2 and 3 design
  • 2023 Design completion and bidding of contract
  • 2024 Project construction

Conceptual project estimate:

  • 72% STBG Funding $5,340,949.00
  • 28% Springdale Local Match $2,077,036.30
  • Construction $7,417,985.30
  • Estimated engineering costs $955,168.00
  • Total project cost $8,373,153.30
  • Total Springdale local cost $3,032,204.00