Veterans Memorial Paverstones

Paverstone with Engraved Lettering

Engraved paverstones may be purchased for placement at the Springdale Veterans Memorial. Pavers are installed once per year. Orders must be received prior to February 1st to be installed in time for Memorial Day. Orders placed on or after February 1st will not be installed until the following year.

Each paver can be engraved with up to three lines of 20 upper case letters. Pavers can be a lasting tribute to a loved one and separate areas are available for both veterans and non-veterans at the memorial. Pavers may be purchased for $25 each. For more information, call 346-5700.

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The name on the paverstone may contain up to 3 lines, with each line containing up to 20 uppercase letters (numbers, blank spaces, and punctuation count as a letter). All names will be centered, unless otherwise noted. Be sure to check for spelling errors before submitting. Pavers are installed once per year. Orders placed before February 1st will be installed by Memorial Day. Orders placed later will be installed the following year.
Make checks payable to City of Springdale. ($25 for each paverstone)

Mail to:
Springdale Veterans Memorial
11700 Springfield Pike
Springdale, OH 45246