Fire Prevention and Public Education




We implemented this program for all of our city residents a number of years ago. It has been very successful to this point. We have installed over 1,800 detectors since the program's inception. We provide and install smoke detectors within 24 hours of a residents request. At their request we will also change their smoke detectors batteries anytime. Smoke detectors for the hearing impaired are also offered.


In addition to conducting fire safety inspections in all businesses in our city on an annual basis, we offer this same type of program to our residents in order to help them have a safer living environment. This program is designed to educate the homeowner and assist them in improving any potentially dangerous situations. We offer this to any resident who may request the program.


This is one of our most popular programs offered. Although we have numerous small groups of people touring the station at any given time, most of our visitors are scheduled groups, such as pre-school and elementary classes. Throughout the year, we average 600 children touring the station. During the firehouse tour, we will teach stop, drop & roll, calling 9-1-1, home escape plans and other fire safety tips. A firefighter will also dress in his/her turnout gear in order for the children to visualize the transformation of a firefighter in station wear to being ready to fight a fire. 


This program is available to everyone, but is mostly utilized by the business community. These are arranged by scheduling an appointment. The class consists of a lecture session, which includes handouts. We then set up a live fire environment. A firefighter will then demonstrate the proper technique used to extinguish a small fire with a portable extinguisher. Each participant is given a chance to try their hand at putting out a fire themselves.




The Springdale Fire Department offers this program (for residents and employees working in our city) through scheduled appointments. This program is in place so we can educate someone who will be transporting a child in a safety seat. We demonstrate how to properly install these seats and then we have the parent or guardian demonstrate the same. Firefighters conducting the inspections are trained and certified by the National Safe Kids Organization. 


We conduct these screenings anytime someone arrives at the station to request this. We also do screenings at various fire safety outings throughout the year.


This program began when forced entry became more frequent on EMS runs. Our residential community, like many others, has become an older community. We were looking for a way to make entry into a home during an emergency, where the resident was unable to come to the front door to unlock it for the EMS crew. At that time, we decided to expand our current Knox Box program to address the residential issue as well. These boxes are installed on the resident's front door on a "loaner" basis, as requested by the resident. The box serves the same purpose as those in the business community; it eliminates forced entry and cuts down time delay. This program is also offered at no cost to the residents.


We offer these courses to the business community that requires their employees to maintain a CPR card and residents of Springdale in groups of 4 or more. We utilize the standards and guidelines of the American Heart Association.


Every year the Springdale Fire Department hosts an Open House at our station to kick off the nationally recognized Fire Prevention Week. This event consists of a variety of activities for the public to participate in. We usually have a few hundred visitors on this day and the attendance appears to increase each year. We always have great participation from the staff of the Hamilton County Communication Center to teach our guests about 911 and we have a visit from a local medical helicopter. 


In addition to the above mentioned programs provided by our fire department, our educational efforts branch out into various other areas including, but not limited to: fire drills, tornado drills, life safety checks in places of assembly, safety fairs, educational sessions in the schools, juvenile firesetter program, lectures for civic groups and apparatus demonstrations.

For information regarding any of the above mentioned programs, please contact Chief Fire Inspector Tom Lindsey at the firehouse at (513) 346-5580, or toml [at] (email) your questions.