The City of Springdale lies at the center of the Cincinnati-Dayton Metroplex representing the Cincinnati and Dayton Metropolitan Statistical Areas. The land area of Springdale is 4.9 square miles. 


Market Access

Springdale is within a 600-mile radius of 65% of the nation's population and is located within a 12-hour drive of all major east coast ports.

springdale map 600 mile radius



Interstate Highways

Two major interstates are readily accessible with Springdale having two interchanges on I-275 and being located one mile from the interchange of I-75 and I-275.

Map of springdale showing interstates



Market Access

A location in Springdale places your business in the heart of the largest commercial corridor in Cincinnati. This corridor runs north from downtown Cincinnati along I-75, through Springdale, and continues northwest along State Route 4 into Butler County.

Map showing Springdale in relation to commercial corridors