Development News

Here is where you can find news on major new development projects and listing of new/relocated businesses in Springdale. 

Springdale Commerce Park is a 130-acre industrial park with 1.3 million square feet of buildings planned.  The developer completed the first phase of speculative buildings, totaling 576,000 square feet, in May 2020. By the end of 2022, both buildings were fully leased. Of the existing buildings on the site, building #2 is leased to Amazon for a next-day delivery facility, and to Zeda for 3-D printing of products in the aerospace and medical industries. Building #3 is leased to Sleep Number as a distribution facility, and to Sugaright to produce liquid sugar. The developer began site work at the end of 2022 on the final two buildings, both of which are being constructed on a speculative basis. Building #1, which will be 180,103 square feet, will be completed in late 2023. Building #4, which will be 374,475 square feet, will be completed in early 2024. For more information visit

The $40 million project at 134 and 144 Merchant Street includes the conversion of 180,000 square feet of vacant office space into apartments and is the first project of this kind in the Cincinnati market. The project includes the conversion of each office building into 66 apartments and the construction of 97 rental townhomes in the parking lots surrounding the two office buildings. It is anticipated that several other functionally obsolete office buildings nearby will also be converted to market-rate apartments. The first office building will not be ready for occupancy until August 2023, but 95% of the units are already rented. As of three weeks ago, 136 total units of 228 had been leased, and residents had already moved into about 40 of the townhomes. For more information, visit


The $42 million Array apartments include the construction of 216 modern apartment units on the site of a former Sheraton hotel. The project includes a pool, clubhouse, dog park, and various other tenant amenities. The project will be completed by the end of 2023, and leasing has been very strong through mid-year. For more information, visit