Department Operations

The Springdale Police Department consists of a patrol division, investigative unit, and support services staff.

Updated Springdale Cruiser

This is the largest and most recognizable unit within the police department.  Our Patrol Officers are out in the community twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.  They will be the first person from the police department you see when you request an officer to come to help you or when you call 911. Our officers are well trained to handle any law enforcement emergency that occurs.  The patrol force has three primary shifts – each supervised by a Patrol Sergeant and a Patrol Corporal.

Crime scene photo

Our investigative unit conducts all criminal investigations within the City of Springdale. The unit is led by the Investigative Sergeant. Investigators are assigned to work a variety of criminal cases. One investigator is assigned to conduct investigations where primarily the suspect or victim is a juvenile. 

Photo of Support Services staff

This group handles the administrative issues within the police department. Our Police Clerks and Officer Manager provide twenty-four hour service to our citizens. They answer the phone, speak to citizens at the window, handle financial transactions, data entry, and a myriad of tasks involving public records management. They, as well as our Mayor's Court staff are supervised by the Administrative Supervisor. Our custodian keeps the building and grounds clean and serviceable. Our Community Service Officer coordinates our department’s activities with our neighborhood watch groups, citizen’s police academy, and performs crime prevention services. 

Updated Springdale Police Department organizational chart