NOVEMBER 15, 2011
7:00 P.M.


The meeting was called to order at 7:00 p.m.


Members Present: Jim Squires, Lawrence Hawkins III, Robert Weidlich,
Robert Emerson, William Reichert, Jane Huber, Chairman Dave Okum

Others Present: Randy Campion



(Mrs. Huber made a motion to accept the October 18, 2011 minutes as written;
Mr. Weidlich seconded the motion and with a unanimous affirmative vote from the Board of Zoning Appeals Members the minutes were approved.)


Chairman Okum: There is no correspondence for this meeting.


(Mr. Hawkins gave a summary of the October 19th and the November 2nd Council Meetings.)


(Chairman Okum gave a report on the November 8th Planning Commission Meeting.)



(No Old Business to present at this Board of Zoning Appeals meeting.)


Chairman Okum: The owner of 501 Lafayette Avenue has applied for a variance to allow him to expand his garage. Said variance is requested from Section 153.105(B) “The garage shall have a minimum floor area of 400 square feet and a maximum floor area of 600 square feet.”

Mr. Billy Mason: My wife Anna is here with me tonight and my address is
501 Lafayette Avenue. When we bought the house it was considerably smaller than what we were used to but it did have a nice two car garage and with the lay of the garage I see no problem with extending the garage and staying well within the boundary lines of our property. A couple weeks ago the two Building Inspectors were out on my property to inspect a shed that I had moved to make sure that it was in variance and it was. While they were there I thought it was a good opportunity to discuss what I planned on doing. We took some tape measures and I believe it was Gordon that said he didn’t see any problem with it being within property lines. I think Bill said that there may be a footage problem, so that is where this all came about. That is a Code that I knew nothing about and I thought I was well within my rights as far as boundaries; and I am, as far as that goes. If you have the pictures that I have you can see that there is plenty of room for the addition. That is the reason for my variance request.

(At this time Mr. Campion read the Staff comments.)

Chairman Okum: Seeing that there is no one else in the audience we will move to questions of the applicant and we will close the public portion of the proceedings.

Mr. Hawkins: Sir, describe for me both the height of the garage and what you expect to see in terms of the design for the top of it.

Mr. Billy Mason: The roof will come off the existing garage and it will be the same height as the existing roof and there is plenty of roof for pitch and for allowance for that. What is on there now is a hip roof and this will come off at a straight angle off of the bottom part of the hip roof.

Mr. Emerson: What made you decide to add onto your garage farther away from your house instead of adding a stall closer to your house?

Mr. Billy Mason: The driveway is a half or three-quarter drive and to come on over into the yard, I just don’t think it would look right; to go south would blend in much better, in my opinion.

Mr. Emerson: You will probably have to remove a tree?

Mr. Billy Mason: No, there are no trees there.

Mr. Emerson: Isn’t there a tree in the front of your garage slightly south of the building; along with a couple of bushes?

Mr. Billy Mason: No, there is a tree to the east of the garage, slightly south; it will have no bearing on the structure. The building will be 20’ west of that tree.

Chairman Okum: Will the shed on your property remain?

Mr. Billy Mason: Yes, sir. The shed sits on the southwest corner of the property. There will be approximately 20’ to 25’ between the side of the garage and the shed.

Chairman Okum: The roof elevation will change slightly, is it a gable roof?

Mr. Billy Mason: Yes, sir.

Chairman Okum: You will come off, sort of like a slope, off of the side of that?

Mr. Billy Mason: Yes, sir.

Chairman Okum: What will the material be that it will be constructed of?

Mr. Billy Mason: It will be 2 X 6’s and plywood; that is what the roof would be constructed of.

Chairman Okum: The material of the face, would it be siding?

Mr. Billy Mason: It would be the same siding that is on the garage and it will be painted to match the garage.

Chairman Okum: So, you are adding another door and it will have a third door?

Mr. Billy Mason: There will be a third door.

Chairman Okum: The existing tree that we see in the photograph won’t be removed?

Mr. Billy Mason: There are no trees that will be removed.

Chairman Okum: The applicant has presented an aerial photograph that he has drawn on showing where the expanded concrete will be.
How deep is your existing garage?

Mr. Billy Mason: Twenty-four feet; and the addition will be the same depth.

Chairman Okum: What is the total width of the garage now?

Mr. Billy Mason: The total width of the garage will be thirty-four feet.

Mr. Weidlich: I have a comment. A couple years ago, I believe it was, I think we had an applicant on Lafayette that got turned down for a garage extension because of square footage. I totally appreciate what you are trying to do but I was wondering what kind of message we would be sending to that other resident by approving an addition to a garage when we turned another resident down.

Mr. Billy Mason: Mine is a corner lot and I think it is larger than most of the lots.

Mr. Weidlich: I am not exactly sure where they were. We set a precedent by approving certain variances and it just kind of bothers me the message that we would be sending to the other resident that we denied.

Mr. Billy Mason: Everybody around has really commented on how we have cleaned the place up. It is a sixty-one year old home and everything that I touch falls apart and we have to redo it.

Chairman Okum: The only comment I have is density; the good fortune is that the applicant has a 70’ wide by 156’ lot. I do recall the same issue, Mr. Weidlich.

Mr. Emerson: What is above your garage, is that a workshop?

Mr. Billy Mason: There is a floor up there and nothing up there. There is no shop, just storage.

Mr. Emerson: Is the expansion of your garage going to make that room larger?

Mr. Billy Mason: No. The extension will not have the attic in it; it would just be an extension.

Mr. Emerson: Is there stairs going up?

Mr. Billy Mason: There are steps from the back of the wall that go up to it. It is a full attic.

Mr. Hawkins: From the diagram that we have, it appears that there is no interior connection between the existing garage and the addition. You are not going to put a doorway to connect?

Mr. Billy Mason: Yes; as a matter of fact that was Gordon’s suggestion. There is a window on the south side of the garage; it will be simple just to go straight down from the window. There will be a doorway going out of the existing garage into the addition.

Mr. Hawkins: Regarding the one that was turned down before, was that an abnormal garage, in terms of a bigger, higher ceiling garage?
(No one on the Board acknowledged that they remembered the details of that particular request.)

Chairman Okum: Based upon the testimony given and the discussion, can we have a motion brought to the floor please?

Mr. Squires: I would like to make a motion that the request for a 10’ X 24’ addition to the existing garage located on the property at 501 Lafayette be approved.
(Mr. Reichert seconded the motion.)

(Mrs. Huber polled the Board of Zoning Appeals Members and with five affirmative votes and two negative votes the variance request was approved.)

Chairman Okum: Your request is granted and you can submit your building permit application; you just need to go through the processes, the building application and drawings and so forth.


Mrs. Huber: I want to ask, what will Springdale do if that beetle comes and we have to chop the trees down; who will pay for that replacement? In Clermont County they are cutting even healthy trees down.

    Mr. Randy Campion: That tree ordinance only applies to commercial properties.

    Chairman Okum: The residential properties are not required, including vacant properties. If a major parcel would be redeveloped it would be required. The Tree Czar does have the ability to give relief on diseased trees.   


Mrs. Huber moved to adjourn, Mr. Reichert seconded the motion and the Board of Zoning Appeals meeting adjourned at 7:40 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

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            Secretary Jane Huber