East Crescentville Widening Project

E. Crescentville 2022 Construction limits.675px

Currently, work is taking place along East Crescentivlle Road between Tivoli Lane and Business Center Lane in conjunction with the new Springdale Commerce Park under development at the former G.E.E.A.A. property and golf course. These improvements include the widening of the road to develop proper turn lanes in and out of the development, storm system modifications to handle the long term improvements planned for the area and a new traffic signal to be installed at the intersection of Crescentville and Transportation Way. Construction on this portion of the road is anticipated to be complete by the summer of 2020.

In the planning stage is the reconstruction of East Crescentville Road from Transportation Way to I-75. The project will include various safety upgrades along this section of road, including the widening of the road to allow safer turning movements into driveways, storm system improvements to improve drainage in the area, and a new traffic signal at the intersection of Chesterdale and Crescentville.  This project is being managed through ODOT and is anticipated to begin construction in 2022.  This project is a partnership between The City of Springdale and The City of Sharonville, The Butler County Engineer's Office, and West Chester Township.  Project partners have secured funding through OKI Regional Council of Governments with local share for the contraction costs to be paid by the project partners.


As of February 2020, the project partners have hired a design consultant and secured funding through the OKI STBG (Surface Transportation Block Grant). The total project is anticipated to cost $4.9m. The grant funds received from OKI in the amount of $3.7m, and the locals will pay for the remaining 25%.

The project partners are seeking comments from the public about the social, environmental, and economic impacts of this proposed project. The environmental impacts are anticipated to not be significant and not require mitigation.

For comments or questions with regard to the project, please feel free to contact the following:

  1. Butler County Engineer's Office, Quimbyd [at] bceo.org (Dave Quimby)
  2. City of Sharonville, Steve Busam
  3. City of Springdale, jagricola [at] springdale.org (Jeffrey Agricola)
  4. Ohio Department of Transportation, Keith Smith
  5. West Chester Township, ahindupur [at] westchesteroh.org (Arun, Hindupur)


  Title Date Posted
  Construction Drawings 4/15/2022
  Bid Results 4/15/2022
  E. Crescentville Stage II Roadway plans 11/19/2020
  Crescentville Public Comment Exhibit 2/20/2020
  Public Comment Request Letter 2/20/2020