February 14, 2012
7:00 P.M.


The meeting was called to order at 7:00 p.m. by Chairman Don Darby.


Members Present: Carolyn Ghantous, David Okum, Richard Bauer, Tom Vanover, Robert Diehl, Marge Boice, and Don Darby
Others Present: William McErlane, Building Official


(Mrs. Boice moved to accept the minutes of the January 10, 2012 Planning Commission Meeting; Mr. Vanover seconded the motion and with 7 “aye” votes from the Planning Commission Members, the minutes were accepted.)


(No Council report presented at this meeting.)


(No correspondence presented at this meeting.)


A. Chairman Darby: Under Old Business we have a Minor Revision to the PUD Plan, exterior elevation modification for Hobby Lobby at 11711 Princeton Pike.

Mr. Clark Gilhart: I am with Tri-County Towne Center. I will give you an update as far as Hobby Lobby and the previous submittal to Planning Commission; as of yesterday all the responses to Mr. McErlane and Anne McBride and new elevations for the front based off recommendations from Planning Commission, also the rear elevations including the trash compactor, dumpster area enclosure, as well as the loading dock, that was submitted yesterday. So we are formally and respectfully asking it to be tabled until the March 13th Planning Commission Meeting.
There is also an additional item; the owner’s wanted me to touch up what recently came to light; the Hobby Lobby application, apparently it has expired and Bill McErlane has recently written a letter to Dirk Crockett from Hobby Lobby stating that the six month time period has expired and unknown to Dirk Crockett and Hobby Lobby they did not know there was a six month time period. I would like to request, if possible, to extend that permit application period to coincide with the previous submittal to Planning Commission.

Mr. McErlane: The provision in the State Building Code says concerning an application after a revision letter has been sent to the applicant to make revisions,
if no one responds within six months with revised drawings, then it expires. It is not under the purview of this Board to deal with that issue.

Mr. Clark Gilhart: So, per State, they will have to resubmit per your instructions via a letter?

Mr. McErlane: Part of the reasoning behind that is so that we don’t have applications sitting around forever; and in this particular case it was reviewed under a prior Code. A new Code has come into play since then and it needs to be reviewed under the new Code.

Chairman Darby: That would be under the new Code?

Mr. McErlane: Right.

Chairman Darby: One of the questions that came up; are you pretty sure that
March 13th is a sure date?

Mr. Clark Gilhart: Yes, absolutely. There was some communication problems with Hobby Lobby and getting them to something that the City would approve of. I think everything in the submittal, if not approved, is pretty darn close to getting there.

Mr. Okum: Just a question in regard to timing; submission for the deadline for Staff’s review, are they going to make that?

Mr. McErlane: They submitted yesterday; yes.

Chairman Darby: I will accept a motion to table.

(At this time, Mr. Vanover moved to table the request for Minor Revisions for Hobby Lobby at 11711 Princeton Pike, Mrs. Boice seconded the motion, followed by a unanimous affirmative vote from the Planning Commission Members.)


(No New Business presented at this meeting.)

A. Chairman Darby: Mr. McErlane did include a couple of items for discussion; Zoning Code text amendment extension for special event signs and selection of Planning Partnership representatives.

Mr. McErlane: If you recall, Planning Commission recommended to Council Zoning Code amendment that would allow, for a temporary period of time, special event signs which we refer to as “banners” to be up for one month periods and allow them to be renewed. The way the text was worded is that it would expire within a year period and then we would go back to our normal application of the Code which would allow for a banner for two weeks / four times a year with a period of 30 days in between. On two occasions Planning Commission has recommended to extend that. The expiration of that one year period comes up on May 20th of this year. We probably could have pushed it until the March meeting and met all of the dates but because we have a one month advertising period and a one month period for it to take effect, it will take at least two months. I am tossing it up for Planning Commission’s review and consideration. We issued 80 permits in the last year and 32 of those were renewals. If you notice eleven of those were for Springdale Elementary “Rated Excellent” banner and if we go back to our prior regulations they will have to find some other means by which to have those banners up. The other applicant that used it quite a bit was Tri-County Towne Center and it is really a real estate sign; they basically could get a real estate sign permit and do the same thing. If you remove those two from the mix then there has been 13 times when we have had renewals in the last year.

Mrs. Boice: On the Springdale Elementary banner, it seems to me that is a constant and it has never been down.

Chairman Darby: Hopefully not.

Mrs. Boice: I understand that, but I wonder when other companies see it if they don’t feel that it is not fair. Has anyone ever questioned that?

Mr. McErlane: Not in the last three years since they have been able to renew it every month.

Mr. Okum: I think it is helpful to the businesses. Based on what Mr. McErlane has provided I don’t see a lot of abuse. The other advantage is the thirty day versus the two weeks and we had eighty applications that took advantage of the thirty day versus the two week period.

Mr. McErlane: Not all of them were thirty days, a majority of them were.

Chairman Darby: Since the Springdale Elementary is bestowed annually; it makes it a little different from the other applications. I hope that it moves up to the “Excellent with Distinction” category.

Mrs. Carolyn Ghantous: We are at the “Excellent with Distinction”.

Chairman Darby: This year we are?

Mrs. Ghantous: Yes. I will find out if there is a new sign.

Mr. Okum: I make a motion to extend the program on the banners as previously provided for, for another year.
(Mrs. Boice seconded the motion and with a unanimous affirmative vote from the Planning Commission Members, approval was granted to recommend to Council an extension for the special event banners for another year.)

B.    Mr. McErlane: I forwarded some information to you in your packets; a number of you have taken advantage of the training that Planning Partnership offers, as members of Regional Planning we have two representatives to Planning Partnership. The Administration has appointed Jerry Thamann as one of those representatives and we were asking Planning Commission to determine who the other representative should be from this body, if anyone is interested in it.
    Dave Okum could probably give you some insight into it. If you look at the information that I forwarded to you, on the last page that talks about their collaborative initiatives, there are not regular monthly meetings but there are opportunities to participate in any of these types of initiatives or committees that they form. The participation is up to you if you are interested in those types of initiatives you can become a member of those committees or attend those committees.

    Mr. Okum: The Planning Partnership was formed about fifteen to twenty years ago with a group of all communities in Hamilton County coming together for a very large symposium where we developed a plan for Hamilton County. Since that time Planning Partnership has gotten a little bit more strength. We, as Planners working with residents and working with businesses need to vision things one hundred years into the future. Planning Partnership gives us an opportunity to share those ideas and learn from other people that are at these functions. I am a member of the Planning Partnership by virtue of the Regional Planning Commission; so literally Springdale’s participation gives us three votes on Planning Partnership.

    Mrs. Marge Boice: I move that our Chairman of the Planning Commission,
    Mr. Don Darby be the representative to the Planning Partnership.
    (Mr. Vanover seconded the motion followed by a unanimous affirmative vote from the Planning Commission Members. Chairman Darby agreed to be a representative to Planning Partnership.)


Chairman Darby: On the Chairman’s report we had several signs approved, as listed on the agenda.
The next meeting will be March 13, 2012.


Mrs. Boice moved to adjourn; Mr. Vanover seconded and with seven affirmative
votes from the Planning Commission Members, the meeting adjourned at
7:25 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

________________________, 2012 ___________________________________
            Don Darby, Chairman

________________________, 2012 ___________________________________
                Richard Bauer, Secretary