December 9, 2010

Mayor Webster called the Board of Health to order on December 9, 2010 at 7:00 p.m.

Attendees:    Rita Hart, Lynn Jones, George Kellner, Dr. Kevin Ketring, Noreen Mocsny, Jean Hicks, Jim Squires, Mayor Webster and Cammie Mitrione

The minutes of November 11, 2010 were approved unanimously.

Board of Health Regulation R2-2010
Dr. Ketring made a motion to read by title only and Mrs. Jones seconded. The motion passed with five affirmative votes.

Mrs. Mitrione read Regulation R2-2010 establishing FSO/RFE/Vending licensing fees for 2011 by title only. Dr. Ketring made a motion to adopt and Mrs. Jones seconded.

Regulation R2-2010 passed with five affirmative votes.

2011-15 Five Year Budget
Mrs. Mitrione explained the five-year budget. She said the health insurance funding had been taken out of a special insurance fund in Administrations budget and beginning in August 2010 health insurance costs to the city will be included the departments’ budget process. She said employees are paying more of their health care costs than they had in the past. Mrs. Mitrione said she will utilize preparedness grant dollars to pay for any legitimate expenses that the department incurs such as the software system used to assist with tracking time spent on grant related activities and cell phones. Mrs. Mitrione said she will utilize the preparedness grants to cover all applicable personnel costs which will ultimately benefit the general fund of the city.

Mrs. Mitrione said that the food program license fees have continued to increase slightly each year which is what we would expect to see. The Health Department continues to teach ServSafe classes twice a year the year. In 2009-10 and in response to the H1N1 pandemic the Health Department received approximately $75,000 in H1N1 grant funding. She said they would most likely not see that level of grant funding unless there is another pandemic or novel agent.

Dr. Ketring asked about Level 1 ServSafe classes and Mrs. Mitrione explained that it is a dimmed down version of the food safety training that is geared towards the hourly worker. She said it is offered two times a year but if there is enough interest they will teach it as needed. The Health Department charges $30 per person and the book costs $5.

School Inspection
Mrs. Mitrione stated Calvary Christian School was inspected. There were just minor issues such as not keeping the air flowing, not having emergency guidance in classrooms and not having enough woodchips on the playground.
Hotel Inspection
Mrs. Mitrione reported that Extended Stay had just cosmetic issues, no bedbugs. She said The Atrium is not bedbug infested. She said if they see any evidence of bedbugs they totally gut the room. Howard Johnson has a new owner. There was evidence of bedbugs there so they had to seal the headboards and caulk.

SOS Holiday Program
Mrs. Mitrione stated the program is going well. She said forty-eight families had requested help and twenty of those were Hispanic. She said the gifts would be delivered next week.

Diabetes Workshop
Mrs. Hicks said she will be offering a Healthy U Diabetes Self-Management Program beginning January 11, 2011 from 2 to 4:30 p.m.. The program strives to help people build self-confidence, maintain their health and manage their chronic health conditions. The program is offered through partnership with the Council on Aging, Ohio Department of Aging and Ohio Department of Health. Mrs. Hicks said there was an overwhelming response when it was first offered in Cincinnati. People with Type 2 diabetes are usually overweight and under exercised.

Dr. Ketring asked if it is not limiting people’s ability to participate by having the Diabetes Workshop during the daytime hours on week days.

Mrs. Hicks responded she will begin with this class and if there is response requesting an evening class, she will look into that.

Healthy Choices for Healthy Children
Mrs. Hicks stated the Ohio General Assembly is strongly urging schools to be involved in ending childhood obesity. They are encouraging the schools to check the BMI of students and push exercise.

Flu Clinic at Colony
Mrs. Hicks said the Health Department will host a flu clinic at The Colony Apartments on December 14, 2010. An Hispanic person is handing out fliers in Spanish.

Lego League
Mrs. Hicks reported she is meeting weekly as a professional consultant for an after school Lego League of third, fourth, and fifth grade students at Springdale Elementary School who are working on a Diabetes Awareness project along with their Lego Robot project.

Mrs. Mocsny provided handouts and presented information about infectious diseases in Hispanic immigrants.

Respectfully submitted,

Cammie Mitrione, RS
Health Commissioner