November 8, 2007

President Doyle Webster called the Board of Health to order on November 8, 2007 at 7:00 p.m.

Attendees:    Rita Hart, Lynn Jones, George Kellner, Dr. Kevin Ketring, Pam Willis, Jean Hicks, Margie Harlow, Cammie Mitrione and Dr. Barry Webb.

Minutes of the October 11, 2007 meeting were approved as presented.

Mrs. Harlow gave a report on City Council issues. Mayor Webster stated this would be Mrs. Harlow’s last Board of Health meeting.

Second Reading of the Proposed 2008 FSO/RFE License Fees

Hotel/Motel Standards
Mrs. Mitrione reported the hotel/motel standards had been updated. Some of the changes are: items such as remote controls are to be disinfected daily and composed of smooth surfaces; use licensed pest control operator if pest infestation, cannot use room until deemed eradicated. She added there are changes to Lobbies & Linens and Mold Remediation. Mrs. Mitrione said the Law Director has looked at the standards.

Mrs. Mitrione stated the license fee is currently $1 per room. She said she checked with other health departments and did a cost methodology for hotel/motel inspections. She said based on hours worked and mileage the fee would be $1.49 per room or $2.92 with overhead added in. After discussion Mrs. Hart made a motion to charge $100 plus $1 per room as the new fees and Mrs. Willis seconded. The motion passed with four votes.

Food Service Fees
Regulation R3-2007 was read by title only.

Smoking Complaints
Mrs. Mitrione said The Boulevard and John Morrell have each received a warning.

FSO Grading System
Mrs. Mitrione said they have started a grading system for food service operations in Columbus. She said they pass out signs for the businesses; green for good inspection, yellow for uncorrected violation and red for closed. If a restaurant has been closed and then re-opened they get a white sign.

Mrs. Hart suggested putting an article in the newsletter to advertise the sampling program and also advertise which restaurants receive an award.

Mayor Webster said to work up the criteria and send a letter to the food service operations with the applications.

Flu Clinic
Mrs. Hicks stated 432 vaccines were given at the first flu clinic. She said the clinic was set up like a POD. Mrs. Hicks said it was good practice for us and a way to introduce it to the community. She said the exit survey had great responses. She said there was one suggestion for an interpreter but the requested language was not included on the survey response.

Mrs. Hicks said the Lions Club provided free blood glucose screenings and had a great response.

Communicable Disease
Mrs. Hicks stated a fifty-two year old resident had campylobacter but they couldn’t find the source. She said there was one isolated case of a two-year old with Shigella.

Immunization Clinic
Mrs. Hicks reported she is seeing students catching up on shots for school. She said she can get information on line in their native languages.

Home Care
Mrs. Hicks said she had a successful referral to Council on Aging. The woman was convinced to get Lifeline and no longer has her social security check delivered to her mailbox.

NEXT BOARD MEETING – December 13, 2007.

Respectfully submitted,

Cammie Mitrione, RS
Health Commissioner
Board of Health 10-11-07
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