May 10, 2007

President Doyle Webster called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m. on May 10, 2007.

Present:    Rita Hart, Lynn Jones, George Kellner, Dr. Kevin Ketring, Marge Harlow, Cammie Mitrione, Jean Hicks, Doyle Webster

Absent:    Pam Willis

The minutes of April 12, 2007 were approved.

Health Commissioner’s Report

Hotel/Motel Inspection Report
Mrs. Mitrione said the Health Department currently charges the hotel/motel fee at $1 per room per hotel/motel and the hotel/motel is inspected once a year, as well as for complaints. Mrs. Mitrione states she is proposing doing two inspections per year and doing a cost analysis of the hotels/motels to update the fee schedule.

Mayor Webster asked what percentage of the rooms do they inspect during an inspection? Mrs. Mitrione replied they see about ten to twenty percent of the rooms during an inspection.

Mrs. Mitrione said they are also going to test the ice from the ice machines. She said the sanitarians have them take the fronts off the machines so they can see if they have been clean and sanitized.

In response to Mrs. Jones, Mrs. Mitrione said the hotels and motels are regulated by the City. She said they check for cosmetic cleanliness and room HVAC unit filters. The pools and food service operations are inspected under the State of Ohio Uniform Food Safety Code.

Mrs. Hart asked how they look for mold. Mrs. Mitrione said that if present that sometimes you can visually see mold and sometimes you can smell it. She said no amount of indoor mold is acceptable. Mrs. Mitrione said the Ramada has closed the tenth floor of the hotel. They have roof issues and did have some mold.

Mrs. Hart asked how long they can keep mattresses. Mrs. Mitrione stated that there is no local rule/regulation concerning that issue. Mattresses are evaluated as part of our routine hotel/motel inspection program. If a mattress is in disrepair or stained, it would be recommend that it be discarded.

Smoking Update
Mrs. Mitrione reported that the rules went into effect on May 3, 2007. Currently there is not an exemption for private clubs. She said she and Ella Jergens went for training presented by ODH on the smoking rules. Mrs. Mitrione stated there is a web site that the Health Department has to monitor daily for complaints. Springdale has had three complaints so far: Whiskey Willy’s, Snookers, and the Meadows at Maple Knoll.

The Willows Summer Program
Mrs. Mitrione said she has partnered with The Willows as part of a Self Expression Leadership Program that she is currently involved in to have a summer program for children at The Willows. The program will be on Wednesdays in June and July and consists of crafts, snacks and a health/safety message. She said it is a community project to help build relationships between the management and residents, the Health Department and management, and the Health Department and the community.

Pandemic Flu
Mrs. Mitrione said there is an upcoming pandemic flu exercise concerning school closure. The Springdale school principals and nurse and the Princeton High School nurse have been invited. The exercise is to let schools know under what circumstances the Health Department would call for school closures. Mrs. Hicks said the disease is spread most quickly by students in school.

Tri-State Medical Reserve Corps
Mrs. Hicks said they are recruiting volunteers for the Tri-State Medical Reserve Corps. There will be a meeting at The Vineyard Church. She said the volunteer makes the decision on when and where to respond. She said they plan on capturing the names of local people for a local database in addition to the Tri-State database.

Mrs. Mitrione said there is a form for volunteers to fill out and in the future they will be notified of upcoming training dates.

Mrs. Mitrione reported that Bahama Breeze has closed and Roosters has opened in the old Bob Evans.


Meningitis Case
Mrs. Hicks stated a young man who had been working in Springdale died from meningitis in April. She said a number of his co-workers were prophylaxed at Mercy Hospital before they returned to their out of state homes. Mrs. Hicks said the doctors at Mercy originally wrote prescriptions for cipro for the co-workers but decided to give them the drug at the hospital so they were treated before they returned home.

Mrs. Hicks said Shigella is a fecal/oral disease and some people in Springdale go to a daycare where Shigella has been found. She said she is doing a follow up with those people.

Blood Pressure Assessments
Mrs. Hicks said the people who get their blood pressures checked love it. She said they bring their medications and discuss them at the same time.

Lipid/Glucose Testing
Mrs. Hicks reported we had a good response to the change in schedule to testing on the third Thursday of each month.

Conference Call
Mrs. Mitrione said there is a new technology available to make a conference call. It’s called Team Speak and you have to have broadband in order to use it. She said she can give them a link and they can download the software. She said they could use that in the event the board had to make a conference call. A conference call can be made from the Municipal Building telephone to six to eight people.

Respectfully submitted,

Cammie Mitrione, Secretary