April 8, 2010

President Doyle Webster called the Board of Health to order on April 8, 2010 at 7:00 p.m.

Attendees:    Lynn Jones, George Kellner, Noreen Mocsny, Jean Hicks, Jim Squires,
Cammie Mitrione, Dr. Barry Webb and Mayor Doyle Webster

The minutes of March 11, 2010 were approved.


School Environmental Safety Regulation
Mrs. Mitrione stated Hamilton County Public Health has developed a Jared’s Law like regulation that went into effect April 1, 2010. She said she “Springdalized” it and sent it to the Law Director’s office, Princeton Schools and Calvary Christian School for review. She said she compared it to Jared’s Law and will wait for feedback from the schools. Mrs. Mitrione stated we haven’t inspected since the end of last year and we need to inspect twice in fifteen months.

Mrs. Jones said we’ll probably go with this and Mrs. Mocsny said let’s get in for an inspection before school is out.

Mayor Webster said let’s not rush into legislation and wait for comments from Dr. Ketring and Mrs. Hart.

Mrs. Mitrione will contact Mrs. Hart and Dr. Ketring as well as meet with the school districts. If there are no changes, she will bring in legislation with an emergency clause in May.


ODH Director’s Visit
Mrs. Mitrione reported Dr. Alvin Jackson, Director of the Ohio Department of Health visited the Health Department. Mrs. Mitrione introduced him to the Mayor, Derrick Parham and Jerry Thamann, and gave him a tour of the City campus, and the Health Department had a lunch session with Dr. Jackson. She said Representative Steve Driehaus sent a representative from his office to meet with them also.

Children’s Health Fair
Mrs. Mitrione stated the Children’s Health Fair will be held May 6. Mayor Webster said this is the last year Princeton Schools will participate and Mrs. Mitrione said they are trying to not let that happen.

ServSafe Training
Mrs. Mitrione said thirteen people from BP took the ServSafe training this month. She said they also held their first two hour class.

SOS – Job Club
Mrs. Mitrione said SOS is co-sponsoring a Job Club at the Community Center for people who are out of work and would like help with a job search. It will begin the first Wednesday in May and be led by Springdale resident, Kathy Neinaber.

Health Assessment Survey
Mrs. Mitrione said she plans to have a health assessment report at the next Board of Health meeting.

Nuisance Complaints
Mrs. Mitrione stated New China had a live turtle in a pan that was to be potential food. She said they needed proof that it came from a reliable source which they didn’t have so the Health Department called Ohio Division of Natural Resources (ODNR) who came and took the turtle. The turtle most likely will be released back into the wild.

Food Sampling Program
Mrs. Mitrione reported the food sampling program will begin April 14 and continue on April 21 and 22. The sanitarian will collect six samples a day.

H1N1 Vaccine Program
Mrs. Mitrione reported that the nurse gave 39 H1N1 flu vaccinations at La Plaza Tapatia on March 12th and 51 H1N1 vaccinations at The Willows apartment complex on March 25th. She has 110 doses left that were transferred to Springdale from Sharonville.

Healthy Women Healthy Lives
Mrs. Mitrione stated the Healthy Women Healthy Lives event is scheduled to occur on Saturday, June 12, 2010 at the Healing Center at the Vineyard. There will be comprehensive health screenings targeted for women at risk due to lack of insurance. The Health Department will advertise this event and the nurse will assist at the event.

Tdap and Td Immunizations at the Middle School
Mrs. Mitrione said Mrs. Hicks has offered to assist Sharonville Health Department with in-school immunizations of Tdap or Td to seventh graders in May at the middle school. The intent is to increase the pertussis protection among this age group, and therefore, the community surrounding them.

New Immunization Requirements for School Age Children
Mrs. Hicks’ report states that a new requirement by ODH is that children entering kindergarten will need two doses of varicella and at least one dose of polio after their fourth birthday.

Respectfully submitted,

Cammie Mitrione, RS
Health Commissioner