JANUARY 12, 2012

Attendees:    Lynn Jones, George Kellner, Noreen Mocsny, Rita Hart, Jean Hicks, Mayor
Webster, Cammie Mitrione and Dr. Webb

Absent:    Dr. Kevin Ketring   
The minutes of December 8, 2011 were approved unanimously.

Proposed Restricted Animals
Mrs. Mitrione said she passed on the board’s suggestion about using common names in the law to identify exotic animals.

SOS – Adopt a Family Summary
Mrs. Mitrione stated the number of families helped this year by the Adopt a Family Program was up from 42 to 61 and that included 165 children. With the money in the Christmas fund and donations taken in this year the program broke even. Just recently Atonement Lutheran Church donated $10,000 to SOS. The Mayor suggested having a recognition night at Council and a resolution for the church.

2012 Budget
Mrs. Mitrione said the budget for 2012 has been approved. Mayor Webster said there is $10,000 more in personnel services this year because in past years grant money has covered some of those personnel expenses and we’re not sure about the dollar amount of grant money that will be available for that purpose for this year.

Mrs. Mitrione said line item 52280 is for environmental supplies such as training material and supplies for inspections. She said they get some of that money back in fees.

Animal Bite Report
Mrs. Mitrione said she does a report for the State every year. She said Springdale has had as many as 15 bites in a year. She said lately it has been low but this year it was up to nine. One woman was bitten by a bat. She went to the doctor and he didn’t know what she should do. She called here and was sent to the hospital to be prophylaxed. Mrs. Mitrione said she is also working on completing an online annual financial report and public health standards report for the Ohio Department of Health.

Hotel/Motel Report
Mrs. Mitrione stated the hotels/motels and schools second round of inspections had been completed by the end of the year. She said both Extended Stays had a good report. She said Super 8 has been battling bedbug issues and orders were issued to them.

Mrs. Mitrione said there was a pet tarantula at Heritage Hill School in an inappropriate container. She said these type of insects are not allowed to be harbored at schools. Mrs. Mitrione said the schools are beautiful and they are only finding minor issues. Calvary School has a roof leak and they are in the process of getting it fixed.

Mrs. Mocsny asked that the Health Department check on the air quality.

Smoke-Free Work Place
Mrs. Mitrione said there was a complaint of people smoking outside or in the walkway at Pictoria. That was dismissed. Pictoria is planning on building an outdoor smoke shelter.

Mrs. Mitrione stated she would like to get a picture of the board for the new website which she said will be very nice.

New Food Places to Come
Mrs. Mitrione said new restaurants coming to Springdale are a Thai Restaurant, Pancake House and Family Dining, Ali Baba’s and Shades of Blue.

Influenza update – Influenza was reported as “Sporadic” in Ohio area by FluView for the week ending December 24, 2011. New flu virus news - CDC continues to monitor for cases of a new flu virus (an influenza A strain known as H3N2.

Mrs. Hicks reported the total flu vaccinations given by the Health Department is 225 and Maple Knoll Home Health gave 127 to Medicare aged recipients. Last year flu season’s grand total through 3/25/2011 was 468 influenza immunizations given. The total expense for flu vaccination was $1039.01

The amount collected from adults paying for flu vaccinations was $730.00 as of 01/05/2012 and the number of employees and employee family members who received flu vaccination is 93. Mrs. Hicks said we have about 70 doses left. Future plans are to continue to offer free flu vaccination to children to charge $10.00 for flu vaccine administration to adults.

Diabetes Disease Management Healthy U Workshop
The Diabetes Disease Management program will be offered starting February 14, 2012 from 1 until 3:30 for 6 weeks. There are now 13 persons registered to come.

Communicable disease follow up
Mrs. Hicks said there were no outbreaks this month but there has been an increase in the number of persons reporting illnesses within their families that included nasal/respiratory illnesses, nausea and vomiting.

Home visits and referrals
Mrs. Hicks said she continues to meet with individuals and families to give as many resources as possible

Adult Immunizations
ODH has supplied us with doses of Tdap (tetanus, diphtheria, pertussis) to give to adults who have contact with young children.

Medical Reserve Corp
Mrs. Hicks stated attempts are being made to continue to sign up new volunteers and also to update the online registration system.

Hispanic Coalition
Mrs. Hicks reported meetings are continuing to meet the needs of the Hispanic residents here and in surrounding areas. This evening there is a meeting that includes assistance understanding how to open a bank account.

Cardiovascular Health Program
This program is well worth the nurse’s time as proven by the continuing numbers of persons who are identified as having elevated blood pressures. They are referred to their doctor for follow-up. Some of these persons are newly indentified.

Educational Moment
Mrs. Mocsny gave a report about e-coli and salmonella. One in six people gets sick each year from contaminated food. She gave out a handout on how to reduce contamination of food.

Respectfully submitted,

Cammie Mitrione, RS
Health Commissioner