Aggregate Energy Programs
Electric Aggregation Program

The City has entered into an agreement with Energy Harbor for electric generation services for its electric aggregation program. The energy source will be 100% renewable energy, which is generated or created by wind power. The rate under the program is $0.0469 kWh and is scheduled to run from August 2020 through August 2023. 

Opt-out letters from Energy Harbor will be mailed out to eligible residents and small commercial accounts on Monday, June 15, 2020. No follow-up to the opt-out letter from Energy Harbor is needed if a resident wishes to be enrolled and participate in the program. Simply disregard the notice. If the resident does not wish to participate in the City’s electric aggregation program, they need to sign and return the completed opt-out form to Energy Harbor by the designated deadline of July 6, 2020. 

Per the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio requirements, Duke Energy will send a follow-up letter providing a second opportunity to cancel participation in the program. No action is necessary for those wishing to be enrolled in the City’s electric aggregation program with Energy Harbor. 

New residents moving into the City that would like to take advantage of the program may contact Energy Harbor directly at 1-866-636-3749, Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. and request enrollment in the City of Springdale’s electric aggregation program. The Duke Energy account information will be needed at that time to complete the enrollment. 

Residents who have entered into a contract on their own who would now like to enroll in the City’s aggregation program are also able to contact Energy Harbor directly to request enrollment. In these instances, the City encourages residents to inquire with their current supplier as to any early termination charges. It may be beneficial for the resident to wait until their individual contract expires before joining the City’s program. 

Interstate Gas Supply (IGS) will continue to provide electric generation services for the program through the August 2020 meter reading date for those currently enrolled in the electric aggregation program. 

Please keep in mind that Duke Energy will still be responsible for delivering power to your home or business, reading your meter, sending your bill, and restoring power following an outage.  

Natural Gas Aggregation Program

The City does not have a natural gas aggregation program in place at this time.  The goal of the aggregation program has always been to locate the best possible rate and supplier for the residents of Springdale.  Unfortunately, rate proposals received have not been favorable in comparison to the rates being offered by Duke Energy.  The City continues to review the market for potential savings opportunities.

The City’s certificate with the Ohio Public Utilities Commission remains active.  If we are able to locate a lucrative rate and reach an agreement with the supplier, we have the ability to re-establish the natural gas aggregation program