December 3, 1997

Council was called to order on December 3, 1997 at 7:00 p.m. by President of Council Randy Danbury.

The governmental body and those in attendance recited the Pledge of Allegiance. Mr. Knox gave the Invocation.

Mr. Knox took roll call. Present were Council members Galster, Manis, McNear, Pollitt, Vanover, Wilson and Danbury.

The minutes of November 19, 1997 were approved with 6 affirmative votes. Ms. Pollitt abstained.


Note from Marge Boice: "To all of you, How wonderful the clock is. I truly appreciate it and a simple thank you does not seem enough. To be acknowledged for something you love doing is quite overwhelming. Remembering the evening of December 1, 1997 will bring me joy for years to come. Your kind words were a perfect end to my service to Springdale. Best wishes always, Marge."


Mr. Carl Verdank, mechanical engineer, recently relocated here to Springdale, head of North American Product Division for Rental Power Transmission, which is also located in Springdale said I would like to express my outrage concerning the proposed $153,000 landmark project for the municipal campus. I believe the landscaping project is a flagrant waste of tax dollars and realistically, the project would only benefit the personnel who work in the municipal building. This multi-million dollar municipal building is already one of the nicest buildings in the area and I believe spending more money for this site would be a complete waste. The estimated $153,000 for construction of the trees, stone walls and twin waterfalls will go a long way for more important improvements such as fixing potholes and expansion cracking in the asphalt and roads in the area such as W. Crescentville and W. Kemper Road. I came here from Florida where there is no such thing as city tax, and I find it ludicrous that I now have to pay city taxes when money is going for such frivolous projects as this. I would like to have two questions answered. First, I would like to know whom dreamed up this wasteful and unnecessary project; and secondly, how can I work with the City Council to help quash further consideration of this project?

Mayor Webster said I will be more than happy to step forward and say the gateway to the City, the signboard and the thing you refer to as a waste of taxpayer money happen to be a result of 1 to 2 years of effort on the part of this Council and Administration of trying to dress up the corner across the street. We are very proud of our City. We take care of our potholes. We take care of our streets and we take care of all those other things you mentioned. We want people to know what city they are entering when they come down this street. We are very proud of our campus here. You are very fortunate that you have relocated to a city that is absolutely debt free and can maintain the streets and the level of services that this community has with the police, fire, health, recreation departments; and for someone who just hit town to stand up there and make some unfounded accusations based upon lack of knowledge is appalling to me. It's also further appalling to me that you can sit there through the pledge of allegiance. Unfortunately, our democracy allows you to have a voice and I say unfortunately, because it is unfortunate that we have to sit here and field allegations from people like you. I make no apologies for the gateway that we're trying to build here. We started off with a signboard. We could put a signboard up there for $25,000 or $30,000, of which I'm sure you wouldn't approve, but I could care less about that. It was a joint effort of the people sitting here and the Administration that we enhance that. We added landscaping; then we added fountains, then we added the electronic board. Then we said we don't think we want to spend $153,000. Mrs. McNear suggested that we see if the business and residential community wants to buy into the concept. That's exactly what you are reading there. It depends on what kind of response we get from our business community and our residents whether we proceed with this, but we think it's a very good, viable project and something that everybody who is proud to live in this City and proud to live in this country will be proud to see up there.

Mr. Wilson said no money is taken out of street repair or any other projects that we have for this particular project. As a city that plans, we set aside money five years ahead of time for various projects, so we know how much money we have left over for, as you say, frivolous projects. I obviously don't share that with you. I may not agree on the whole $153,000 but I can assure you the City will lose no services because of this project at whatever cost it is. I appreciate you coming in. We need citizens to come in and voice their concerns whether they are legitimate or not in our opinion.

Ms. Manis said I would like to echo thanking you for coming in and voicing your opinion. You are not the only person I've heard that from, but unfortunately, because of the way some people are talked to in here, they are intimidated to come and voice their opinion here.

Mr. Danbury said first of all we haven't approved it. It is conceptual. For you to say we're spending money and not filling potholes. We provide free trees to the residents. We provide free dump trucks. If you want to cut down a tree we'll remove it. We have free recycling. We eliminated the permit fee if you want to fix up your house. I think our city stands above any city in this region in taking care of our citizens. As for this being frivolous, the idea of the sign was to let the residents know what's going on with our city. One of the biggest things we elected officials and administration hear is that a lot of people don't know what's going on. We make an effort to take care of our citizens. We've never neglected any potholes. We've spent more money on our streets. When it snows drive around the City of Springdale and some of the surrounding communities and you will find that our streets are the best maintained of any around here. We do everything we can and then we have money left over.

Mr. Osborn said I'm sure if you had a chance to read the article, you read the part that says we're not going to proceed with this project unless there is strong community support. If we get a negative response; if people do not respond to buy bricks, benches, trees, then the project won't happen. We've stated that up front. It's not as though Council has already made a decision to do this project. Had you had a chance to follow this project you would have seen that there was a great deal of reservation on the part of Council to go forward with it. That's when the discussion of using outside resources to test the interest and to raise the revenue for occurred. I think it's a very responsible approach and I wish you had taken more time to get informed.

Mr. Danbury said I think Ms. Manis hit it on the head. We take offense to people just taking a shot at us. We appreciate the fact that you did stand before us and bring up an objection. I hope anytime you have anything else you feel free to do it.

LaVonne Webster, 12142 Peak Drive said I just want it on the record, in the minutes, how disgusted I am with the time that has been spent on somebody who cannot salute our flag.

Mrs. Rhonda Burton introduced a new part-time Tax Department employee, Collette Maddy. She comes to us with two years prior experience in a tax department and she is a notary public. She makes a great addition to our staff.

Mr. Galster made a motion to continue the public hearing for Ordinance 59-1997 in progress until our meeting on December 17, 1997. Mr. Vanover seconded. The motion passed 7-0.

Mr. Galster made a motion to continue the public hearing for Ordinance 60-1997 in progress until our meeting on December 17, 1997. Mrs. McNear seconded. The motion passed 7-0.


Mr. Galster made a motion to adopt and Mr. Wilson seconded.

Mr. Galster asked about the financial considerations. Mr. Osborn explained this is for inspection of electrical installations by electricians in the City of Springdale. We do not inspect or issue permits for electrical inspection. Like all the other jurisdictions in Hamilton County we contract with IBI (Inspection Bureau, Inc.) to perform those inspections. There is no cost to the City. The permit fee is paid to IBI.

Ms. Manis asked if they are still the only company doing this. Mr. Osborn replied yes. He said the only jurisdiction doing something else is Fairfield which has an internal inspection program.

The ordinance passed with 6 affirmative votes. Mr. Vanover abstained.

1988 Budget Work Session

Mr. Osborn said there was a Finance Committee meeting on November 20 and we had an opportunity to go through the budget in detail at that time. We wanted to bring the document before you this evening in anticipation of having a public hearing on December 17, 1997, at which time we would ask Council to consider the budget for approval; and also ask that you consider doing the appropriation ordinance at the meeting of December 17.

At the vision exercise Council did at its retreat in May, we as a group developed a vision for the City that reads "Springdale is a thriving, vibrant community, home to a diverse family of residential and business citizens dedicated to providing premium services to enhance the quality of life for all who live, work or visit in our community today, tomorrow and in the future." We also tried to identify key issues facing the City over the next three to five years. We weighted those responses and the highest ranking factor turned out to be traffic. That was followed very closely by sense of community. You will see in the budget that we made every effort to direct our resources towards the traffic factor. In our capital budget fully 2/3 of our resources will be directed towards some highway project. Throughout the budget there are elements that speak to the issue of sense of community.

The 1998 general fund expenditures are expected to be 6.54% over 1997. We are projecting 1997 to come in at just over $11,958,220. We're budgeting the 1998 general fund at $12,740,655. The capital improvements fund will stay fairly even at just over $3 million. The general fund revenues for 1997 are performing very well. We should see an increase of 8.9% over 1996. For budgeting purposes we have taken the conservative approach and are making this budget on revenue less than we anticipate receiving in 1997. We are looking at $11,401,000; whereas in 1998 we're projecting just under $11,400,000.

One of the major factors is to address some of the capital issues in the City, particularly traffic related. As a result we have had to transfer significant amounts of money out of the general fund into the capital improvements fund. We came into 1997 with a balance of just over $3.3 million. We expect to come out of the year with a balance just over $2.7 million. We anticipate coming out of 1998 with a general fund balance of just under $1.4 million.

Another consideration in our budget is our recommendation that we add two additional full-time personnel to the organization. For some time it has been a goal of the Building Official to reduce the turn around time on permit review and issuance. In order to help with that problem he has attempted to contract out plan review, but he's discovered that given the additional handling, it's actually taking longer than if it were done in-house. He's also noticed some lack of continuity in terms of code interpretation and as a result he would like to bring the code review back in-house. He proposes to do this by expanding the department and reorganizing it. Besides the Building Official who is a registered engineer, we have two certified building inspectors and a seasonal property maintenance code inspector. The Building Official is proposing that we take one of the two building inspectors' position and increase that position to a new classification called Inspection Supervisor. That person would have responsibility for code review of 1, 2 and 3 family residential permit requests. That is something that the individual can be trained and certified to do. The additional responsibility of that position would be for oversight and supervision of the building inspector and property maintenance code inspector. The property maintenance code inspector would take on the inspection of 1, 2, and 3 family residential in addition to property maintenance code and zoning code enforcement. By redistributing the work in this manner we will get better turn around time and free the Building Official to accomplish other tasks that he can't get to presently. It would be to our advantage to have him out in the field more often doing a site visit, helping the inspectors on key issues that come up in the field. We are also attempting to convert several of the operations in that department ot electronic data processing and it would give him additional time to oversee those types of management issues. We are strongly recommending that Council approve the addition of the full-time property maintenance code inspector. You may have seen in the goals and objectives for the Building Department, the proposed manpower increase would help us in two ways. One of the goals stated by Mr. McErlane is to accomplish the review and approval or request for additional information for 1, 2, and 3 family homes down to two days 75% of the time. Another goal is to enhance the City's qualifications for ISO rating and one of the factors under ISO rating is internal checks on plan review. He feels this will aid the City in receiving a better ISO rating. 1998 will be the first year that cities receive ISO ratings and we would like to score well that first time through because ISO only comes around every 6-7 years so we are stuck with whatever rating we get for some time.

Finally any of you who have the opportunity to work with the Building Department and particularly with Mr. McErlane, knows that he is a very dedicated and hard working individual. If you have participated on Planning Commission or Zoning Board, you know he clearly has a substantial workload and he does an excellent job in balancing his responsibilities. This is one of those cases where you would like to reward the effort of a hard working individual by giving him additional resources with which to work. We strongly recommend that Council approve the additional person in the Building Department.

The second position we are recommending that Council consider for addition is in the Public Works Department. We have not increased the size of that department since 1991. Since that time we have added the Glenview subdivision, the Northwest Business Center and Tri-County Commons, industrial subdivisions and we have had numerous lane addition projects throughout the City. We have also dramatically increased our urban forestry and public landscaping efforts and we have added the residential debris removal program to the responsibilities of that department. Each year the demand for woodchipping increases. We are now running two chippers most of the year. There is a growing demand on that organization and we feel we need to request an additional person. At the same time the seniority is growing in that department. In 1998 there will be almost 3,000 hours of vacation time earned by the personnel which works out to just under 1 1/2 people. That's a cost of doing business but it doesn't help you achieve your responsibilities. Our primary justification for the additional manpower is the growing work that we have seen accrue to that department since 1991.

One last personnel note, we have factored in a 3.5% pay increase for all full-time employees on pay tables I and II, and all part-time personnel on pay table I. The 3.5% is the rate increase that was negotiated with the FOP for the contract year 1998. This is the last year of a three year contract and we will be going back to negotiations with the FOP in the fall of 1998, but it's been the City's practice to keep the other departments on pace with the rate of increase that we give the FOP.

We have seen a very dramatic effort initiated in 1997 to start addressing some immediate and long term traffic needs. This is reflected in the size of the transfer that we make from the general fund to the capital improvements fund. In 1994 the transfer from general fund to capital improvements represented 9% of the general fund budget. In 1995 it represented 7%; 1996 was 12%. In 1997 and 1998 the general fund transfer to capital improvements will be just under 20%.

We are proposing to spend $636,000 in public facility improvements. More than half of that is indirectly related to highway and traffic issues as $351,000 is being set aside for expansion of the street maintenance facility.

Highway infrastructure improvements are going to account for just over $2 million of the capital budget. Urban redevelopment will account for about $500,000, and flood control including the CBG grant will be over $100,000.

Finally, in the cover letter we tried to set out the effort that has been underway since 1995 of incorporating our strategic planning process into the annual budget. We are doing this to focus the organization's attention on mission and to link the annual budget process with performance goals, productivity and outcome. In 1998 we will see some very specific advances. Two departments I suggest you keep an eye on are the Health Department and Public Works Department.

In the Health Department the Health Commissioner will be using community health assessment surveys to help establish baseline information. He will then repeat these surveys on an annual basis to gauge the impact of the functioning of his department. These surveys will be aimed at his target customers; i.e., the food handlers, vendors, etc. who obtain permits from the City as well as the general population.

In the Public Works Department we are going to participate with the School Of Public Policy Management at Ohio State University in a best practice standards pilot project. Other communities participating are Dublin, Mason, Shaker Heights, Sidney, Upper Arlington, Westerville and Worthington. Ohio State University will assemble information on various functions that are common to each of these departments, do an on-going analysis and establish what are determined to be best practice standards for each of the tasks that are agreed to. Each jurisdiction can then measure its performance in that particular task based upon what is perceived to be the best practice. It's hoped that if this exercise proves to be successful that the list of tasks analyzed for public works will expand and we will see this same effort expand to other departments as well. Examples of tasks are: fixing potholes, painting streets, cleaning storm sewers, resurfacing, brush chipping, etc.

Mr. Osborn went through the budget by department.

Police Department

Mr. Osborn said we have budgeted for four retirements in 1998. We don't know that these are certain but they are highly probable. The biggest hit we take on retirement is payout of accrued sick leave at retirement. An employee is allowed to accumulated 1600 hours of sick leave. At retirement they can convert at a rate of one day's pay for three days sick leave.

Mayor Webster said we did ask Finance Committee to add two recruits. We have one opening at the present time. We've given the Civil Service test and are awaiting the results. We would like to enroll two officers in school in January, one to fill the vacancy and one in anticipation of one of these four people retiring in 1998. There's a possibility of an increase in the number of police officers that we would have at any one time. However, if we hire someone who is not a certified police officer in the State of Ohio, probably the earliest we are going to get that person on the street solo is September. Given the long lead time and infrequency of classes we thought it was prudent to try to get two people off the eligibility list and get them in school as early as we can.

Ms. Manis said it puts us in a bad position because they only have to give us 30 days notice for retirement. We may have nobody retire or they may all go in the same month.

Mr. Wilson asked on Item 52150 - Travel, is that seminars, education allowance, mileage, etc.?

Mr. Osborn replied it's travel for education. It's also travel for court appearance or to go out of state to pick up a prisoner.

Mr. Wilson asked on 52170 - Dues, Subscriptions, Memberships, is that memberships to police associations?

Mr. Osborn responded there is a regional intelligence association that police departments belong to. That's one item. Another is the Hamilton County Police Association. It's memberships of the Police Department as an organization. It also includes subscriptions for law books.

Mr. Osborn said the Hamilton County radio dispatch is going from $9.51 to $12.74 per dispatch. We are projecting expenses next year to be $120,000. The CLEAR item is new for us. The CLEAR levy failed this fall. There is concern this will drive some of the smaller jurisdictions out of CLEAR.

Ms. Pollitt asked on item 52580, Hamilton County radio, is every community assessed the same charge?

Mr. Osborn replied yes, it's on a per detail basis. Springfield Township may have backed away and is doing it on their own, but everyone who uses the County Communications System pays the same rate.

Ms. Pollitt said item 52650 - Prisoner Keep has jumped significantly since 1996.

Mr. Osborn said in 1997 the County instituted some additional charges to us that previously were not passed through. If a prisoner is involved in a rape charge we could experience up to over $500 in medical and investigatory expenses that are passed on to us. In addition, we are also housing prisoners from Glendale and in turn, we have revenue from Glendale for housing their prisoners.

Mayor Webster said this is a last resort. We try to keep the people incarcerated in their own jails. We bring them in for community service. We don't feel comfortable keeping some criminals due to the nature of the charge so those are sent downtown. Over the years we have cut that cost considerably even though the County is starting to lay some other costs on us.

Ms. Manis said we can't keep a prisoner for more than 5 days in our facility so we have to send them downtown. On the radio system, aren't we concerned that some of the smaller communities can't pay this?

Mr. Osborn replied we have thought about changing over to an 800 Mgh system ourselves but it's exceptionally expensive.

Mr. Danbury said if we have four officers retire, obviously we are going to see a difference in paygrade between the retiring officers and the new hires. How much savings would the City see?

Mr. Osborn replied there is about a 20% difference between the entry level and the top level of the pay range for patrol officer.

Fire Department

Mr. Osborn said on page 6 it says we have 21 part-time firefighters. That should read 24 part-time firefighters. It takes 6 part-time people to fill a slot filled by part-time personnel. It takes 3 full-time personnel to fill a slot. We have 9 slots; 4 are part-time and 5 are full-time.

On page 7 the footnote under replacement for the self-contained breathing apparatus, should read $11,500 instead of $1,500.

Ms. Manis asked what is a rescue tool and how much does it cost to buy a new one?

Mr. Osborn replied the rescue tool is the jaws of life. The system is hydraulic and operates off the back of one of the units. To replace the entire thing would probably cost $25,000. We have purchased additional apparatus that do different things.


Mr. Galster asked if item 52910 should be item 52800?

Mr. Osborn replied that is correct. In past budgets we had individual line items for each item and we were running out of account numbers. We've tried to limit everything to a miscellaneous capital improvements line item and then account for them in footnotes.

Ms. Pollitt asked on page 6 regarding tuition remission, is that not included in the budget?

Mr. Osborn replied under general government we budget a lump sum amount and then as we expense, we expense it against the individual employee's department line item. We only have 6 or 7 employees take advantage of it so we don't know what departments they will fall into.

Ms. Manis asked if we give money to the Explorers.

Mr. Osborn said we don't budget for them.

Health Department

Ms. Manis said the chemical analysis for the creek increases $2,000 a year. Is that just a basic cost of doing business?

Mr. Osborn replied that is correct. That's also the line item we take food sample analysis from. We will be doing more food sampling next year. The Health Commissioner wants to expand his sampling on ready to eat foods in grocery stores. Springdale is one of the very few communities that I know of that does laboratory analysis on ready to eat foods that you might buy at a grocery store; ground meat, salads, etc. Our Health Commissioner goes in on a random basis and takes samples and has analysis done at a lab on coliform. If there is a problem he immediately gets back to that vendor.

Mr. Vanover said one of the Health Commissioner's goals is not only to step it up, but to relieve the adversarial focus that typically boards of health and the food community have. The Health Commissioner wants to work with them to help them attain goals rather than have an adversarial relationship.

Mayor Webster said on line item 52661- animal control, we are projecting a 50% increase from what we actually spent in 1996. As we use up more and more of our open space we infringe upon the critters' homes and they end up having to be corralled and hauled away. It's a great service we provide but Council needs to be aware that we are projecting to spend $18,000 next year in animal control.

Parks and Recreation

Mr. Danbury said on item 52105 - Park Personnel - our current budget for 1997 is $10,000 and our expenditures will approach $3,500 but we're still going to budget $10,000 again for next year.

Mr. Osborn said in 1996 we spent $3,800. We'd like to staff at the higher number but there are factors of weather, availability, needs, events, etc. We prefer to keep the number higher in anticipation of using the park patrol more frequently than we have in the past.

Mr. Danbury asked if it's possible to get a new drinking fountain by the racquet ball court. He said there is no water pressure.

Mr. Osborn said they would look into that.

Waste Collection

Ms. Manis asked Mr. Osborn to explain the tipping fees.

Mr. Osborn responded the tipping fee is a charge the landfill operator levies against anyone bringing a truck in to be dumped. It's so much per cubic yard. We have had a tipping fee agreement with Rumpke for some time. They recently introduced a new rate for an item called "hard to handle". That includes asphalt chunks, tree trunks, etc., but does not include refrigerators. Our truck backs up and dumps into the active landfill and their bulldozers push it around. Nevertheless, the new rate is not a factor for us. It will be $3,000 to $4,000 a year.

Mr. Galster said the debris removal program is going great. Would it be possible to look at putting a large, removable container at the Maintenance Department.

Mr. Osborn said we are looking at that with the expansion. We don't know yet if we are going to do it because we don't know what the costs are yet or operationally how it will affect us, but we are looking at dumping into a container and having Rumpke pick up the container.

Mayor Webster said one of the obstacles here is that we don't want our men to have to unload the pick up truck.

Mr. Osborn said it takes half a day to recycle the dump trucks on Monday and get them back on the road again. We are looking at a container with a ramped up surface where we would back into the container and dump.

Public Works

We are recommending the addition of a tenth full-time maintenance worker.

Mr. Galster said under 52140 - Uniforms - we have a 30% increase over estimated expenditures in 1997 budgeted for 1998. That seems high.

Mr. Osborn said the breakout reflects a 4% increase for a new contract in 1998; $500 for 2 additional employees (there's only one so we're over budget there); $400 per year for purchase of orange safety shirts. Mr. Sears initially requested two personnel and we only approved one.

Mayor Webster said Mr. Sears has tendered his retirement notice. He will be leaving in July.

Mr. Danbury said 52120 - Hospitalization almost doubles from 1996 to 1998. Is there a reason for that?

Mr. Osborn replied that's probably the same situation (budgeted for 2 personnel).

Mrs. Pollitt said 52210 - Supplies had a substantial increase also; 52160 - Seminars and Conventions also.

Mr. Osborn said in 1996 they spent $5,500. This year they did not do as much training as we anticipated. Apparently, he is projecting to pick up the level of training in 1998. He is one person over budget in hospitalization. He has increased the supply line item by $1,500 in 1998 for computer supplies.

Ms. Manis asked in the urban forestry program are these total expenses? Mr. Osborn replied this shows all of our money, whether it was grant money or local money. In 1998 we don't anticipate any grant money for urban forestry but we do anticipate drawing $20,000 from the revenues we have accrued as a result of contributions from businesses to the urban forestry program.

Tax Department

Mr. Galster said Refunds this year was budgeted at $108,000. The actual was $220,000 and we're going up to $228,000. Why the big jump this year?

Mr. Osborn responded it is difficult to predict what those will be. We now know this $220,000 will be closer to $240,000.

Ms. Manis asked would you talk about 53030 - Audit of hotels?

Mr. Osborn said the intent is to audit the revenue we receive from entertainment tax as well as hotel/motel tax. Right now it is a self-policing process. They tell us what they take in and give us a percentage of that. This year we are alerting every theater and hotel/motel that we are going to be doing an audit but not telling them which one will be audited. They will all have to be ready for an audit but we are only doing one facility. Hopefully everything is the way we have been told it is but on the other hand, they may have misinterpreted our rules or something, and we may come up with more revenue.

Mr. Knox said this is in response to an audit management practice recommendation by our auditor last year.

Mayor Webster said if this proves that there are revenues not being reported in the hotel/motel area, we really should approach the county and see if they want to pick up part of the cost of this audit. If they are not reporting to us I'm sure they're not reporting to the county.

General Administration

Mr. Osborn said I want to point out our employee wellness program. It's a program where we get a lot of bang for the buck. It's used to heighten awareness among employees regarding diet, smoking, proper nutrition. It's done in a fun way and is run by the employees. It creates not only a good source of education for the employees but certainly a level of camaraderie and fun competition. I think we're getting a lot out of this program and I want to thank our health nurse, Jane Messer, for the time she puts into this. She heads a committee of volunteers from each department who organizes these programs. It's proven to be a worthwhile effort on their part and we're more than happy to support it.

Mr. Galster said under 52161 - Employee Recognition Event - I would rather work the event than be a guest. It's to recognize the employees of the City rather than the elected officials.

Health Insurance Trust Fund

I want to take this time to thank Mr. Parham who is the administrator of this program. We are fortunate to have people who are capable of handling this business. That was one of the criteria for recruiting Mr. Parham. He had a similar responsibility at his previous employer. He was also responsible for the risk management of the organization.

Capital Improvements

HVAC System at Police Department

Mr. Wilson asked what kind of heaters are we replacing in the garage? Do we have to have a heated garage for the vehicles?

Mr. Osborn replied those are gas fired heaters that are suspended from the ceiling. The garage does not have any other heating or cooling. We store things in those garages. We keep animals in there when we catch them.

Ms. Manis asked if $200,000 is a good number. Mr. Osborn replied yes, $475,00 for the two years is a good number.

Mr. Danbury said on 52993 - Concrete Repair - was there an omission for expenditures for 1997?

Mr. Osborn answered all the concrete work was rolled into the street repair program. That number is exceptionally larger than the budgeted amount. We have taken numerous projects that appear throughout the 1997 budget and packaged them all under one budget area, the 1998 street repair program.

Mr. Vanover said we broke it down between concrete and asphalt repair and slurry seal.

Community Sign/Landscaping

Ms. Manis said depending on the response you receive will you alter the plan any, such as the amount of bricks? I've heard people say if they were $20 or $25 they might buy two.

Mr. Osborn replied no. There has been some discussion that we might be able to charge more for the corporate oriented items but their numbers aren't significant enough to make up a lot of ground for us. The bulk of the money comes from the individual bricks. Those bricks cost $13.50 apiece installed with engraving. They can be engraved after they have been put in place.

Ms. Manis asked will the salt dome have to go to Planning? I think the concern is the height and view and elevations.

Mr. Osborn replied we'd probably give them a show and tell but it isn't required. Keep in mind that the zoning we are in, even the height of 41 feet would meet the zoning requirements. The office district adjacent to it has a height limitation of 45 feet.

CSX Grade Separation

Ms. Manis asked if we spent money in 1995 on this? Mr. Osborn replied yes. The reason we don't show an expense in 1997 is that we have been waiting on the environmental review.

Carmon Creek Rechanneling

Mr. Osborn said I am asking Council to recognize that this channelization project that we have in mind has a very low probability of occurring and as a result we are going to lose this funding. We have the opportunity to put that funding towards a project we know is going to happen next and will benefit the same situation we are looking at here, intermittent urban flooding.

Mr. Vanover said I make a motion that Council approve shifting funds from the Carmon Creek channelization to the Kemper Road storm sewer project. Mr. Wilson seconded. The motion passed with 7 affirmative votes.

Mrs. McNear asked if we divert the funds for that, can we change the channel to the way you mentioned doing it?

Mr. Osborn replied the source of the funding doesn't matter. Even if we are using our own capital improvements fund we still have to have an EPA permit because we are in a water stream that is controlled in terms of water quality.

Continuous Lane SR 4/I-275

Ms. Manis said on the continuous lane, the recommended changes for the exit ramp are two lanes from the point where people make it two lanes. Is that correct?

Mr. Osborn said they want us to convert the one lane into two lanes. As you know people already queue up in two lanes anyhow. They want us to widen the exit ramp for a certain distance.

Ms. Manis said when we discussed it in the Finance Committee meeting I thought it would be a nice thing to do but it was not a priority in our list of capital improvements.

Mayor Webster said it is going to do nothing to expedite the movement of traffic.

Mr. Wilson asked how is this any different from the continuous lane on the other side?

Mr. Osborn responded we did have to meet similar requirements there. In fact, considerably more money was involved but the state was paying for it. In order to offset the additional capacity of vehicles entering the expressway, there had to be another lane added eastbound all the way to SR 747. In that case ODOT came to us and said if you do the engineering, we'll pay for the construction. In this case we're going to them and saying, we'd like to do the engineering if you do the construction; and they're saying no, we have to carry it all.

Mr. Danbury asked when will we be doing the storm sewer on Kemper Road?

Mr. Shuler replied we are finishing the plans right now. We are anticipating having a public meeting January 14, 1998 to explain the project to the residents along that corridor. We want to give them a chance to ask questions and secondly, we will need to acquire easements from each property owner to put the storm sewer in. We recommend that we go out to bid in February or March so that Council is awarding that contract the end of March/first of April so we can complete that project in the summer/fall of 1998.

Mr. Danbury said this is the same time frame as Sharon Road. Maybe we could be proactive and change some of the signalization on Northland and Rt. 4 because those are our main arteries and we could clog them up. I think we are going to find people going through Cloverdale, Glensprings, cutting through places. Two of our roads going east and west being under construction at the same time could cause a major problem.

Mr. Shuler replied we always know there will be some diversion of traffic when we are working on a road. One of the advantages we have today that we didn't have years ago is with our closed loop systems we are able to change the timing on our signal systems very easily and quickly through computerization so we can address those changing traffic conditions. We certainly will be looking at traffic control and be watching for diversion of traffic, especially through the residential areas.

Mr. Osborn said we can control it around rush hour traffic by limiting the time of construction. Most of the Kemper Road work is occurring off the pavement. The new pipe we are putting in is behind where the utility poles are so you can see how back off the pavement we are. We're only crossing the street in one place.

Mayor Webster said that is a good point, Mr. Danbury. A drastic measure we could take is to delay one of those to 1999. The West Kemper Road project is a two year project.

Mr. Danbury said I just think we should anticipate this and try find ways to divert the traffic through education, newsletter, signage and signalization.

Mr. Osborn said it is our hope that Council will entertain legislation at your next meeting adopting the 1998 budget.

Mr. Danbury said I commend you on this with the goals, objectives and strategies. We did a tour of the maintenance building and they have a small coffee pot. I know if it snows they can't get coffee; they can't pull their truck off. If they stop at a White Castle or someplace like that, people will ask why they are not working. It costs $40 to get one of those big coffee pots.

Ms. Manis said Finance Committee recommends this budget. It's scary if you look at because there are so many capital improvements that have to be done. There's going to be a lot of money spent in the next five years but it's money that needs to be spent. Council will have to make some decisions in the next few years about how to get the money to spend. We recommend that you approve the budget at our next meeting.

Mr. Osborn stated we would like to bring the appropriations ordinance in on December 17 as well.


Mr. Wilson asked where do we stand on electronic fences?

Mr. Galster said we have the Law Director looking into what's the best way to approach it to make sure we don't have grandfather issue problems, safety issues and the best way to enforce it. We should have a determination before our next Council meeting.

Mayor Webster said I would like to clarify a remark I made at the last Council meeting. We were talking about O-K-I and you asked me if that group did anything and I said no. I just want to make sure that everybody realizes that I'm not talking about O-K-I per se. I'm talking about the group that meets once a month. You have 50-60 people in a room that is designed for 25. They have a projector in the front of the room and people sit in front of the screen so you can't see the screen. People stand up all over giving reports and there's no sound system; so that particular meeting that I don't go to is a total waste of time. I stand by that remark. O-K-I is a good organization and we, the City of Springdale, derive a lot of benefit from it. I don't want anyone from O-K-I to say Springdale doesn't like them. The Mayor of Springdale does not like the format of the meetings.

Mr. Danbury said we have nominations for three different positions. I did speak with Mr. Darby and he reluctantly told me he is going to be passing on a future term with Civil Service. I would like to entertain nominations next month on that. Two people have left their names; David Strange and Leroy Payton.

Mr. Galster nominated Fred Borden for Charter Revision. He is the new member by acclamation. Mr. Wilson said Mr. Borden is a one year resident of Springdale. He is married with one daughter. He has a BS in Informational Systems and BS in electrical engineering from Ohio State. He has an Associates Degree in Electronic Engineering from Columbus State. He is currently employed with CinCom. His position is software design engineer. He is involved with policy making decisions. While at Ohio State he did an internship with Mike Stanziano who at that time was chairman of the Finance Committee and Insurance Committee. He indicated he was an ex-Marine officer. He was on the driveway assessment equalization board. Even if we only nominate one person I think it is important that the public be made aware of why all of us are in favor of Mr. Borden for Charter Revision and that may encourage other people in the audience and TV land who have similar qualifications to bring their names forth in the future.

Mr. Danbury said BZA has been without a member since September. Two people have expressed interest in this, Mr. Jerry Allen and Mr. David Whitaker. It is not limited to just the people who have thrown their hats into the ring.

Mrs. McNear nominated Dave Whitaker. He is in our audience this evening. He has lived on Cloverdale for the last 3 1/2 years. Prior to that he lived on Castro Lane for 9 years. He's married and has one ten year old and another child on the way. He has 18 years experience in construction. He owns and operates his own company. He does residential and commercial building. He's familiar with site layouts and developments. He has been a Webelo den leader and he has been a Rec Center baseball coach. He's been before the Board of Zoning Appeals and presented a very nice plan to us. He does have a thorough knowledge of blueprints and that's something we have been sorely missing since Mr. Mitchell left. I think he would be an excellent addition to our board.

Mr. Wilson said this was probably one of the more difficult decisions I've had to make tonight because I've talked with both individuals. Since Mr. Allen did submit his questionnaire I think we should consider him as well. Mr. Allen has a BA degree from Alabama State, MBA from Xavier and an associate of arts degree in real estate from Southern Ohio College. He has been a resident of Springdale for 20 years and is married with 2 children. He is currently in management with Guardsmark Inc, which is an industrial security system. He's involved in the installation of equipment. He interfaces with local zoning codes and has daily interface with customers who have concerns about additions or removal of equipment and compliance with zoning codes. He's a former realtor with local zoning code background. We have two excellent candidates.

Mr. Whitaker was elected to the Board of Zoning Appeals with a 5-2 vote.

Mr. Osborn said there are one or two issues pending before Civil Service and they will be meeting on these issues in January. It would be good if we could get the appointment to that board at the next meeting.

Mr. Danbury said this is a very important board due to the fact that we are going to be hiring a lot of people. It's very critical for us to choose the right person on this one. I know both gentlemen and I think either one would be excellent.


Mr. Danbury distributed a list of Council members on boards and commissions. Mr. Danbury said I've had a lot of discussion with everybody and this is what I came up with for boards and committees. I tried to be fair and get people on boards they would be strong on but I also feel, if I can, I like to get people on fresh boards so they can get a fresh idea as to how the City is run. The only change is Ms. Pollitt expressed an interest in being on the Tax Review Board and Mr. Vanover has acquiesced to that.

Mr. Wilson said last night I got some correspondence from Mrs. Phyllis Maymir on Glensfall Court. In fairness to her I have not had an opportunity to review all the material but to summarize it, she was concerned about the rerouting of trucks to I-275 because of the Kentucky ban on I-75. She goes into detail about the noise factor and included a tape. I would like to make copies of all this correspondence and give it to all the Council members. I will leave the tape in my mailbox if anyone would like to listen to it. Then we can discuss this at the next Council meeting and give her an answer.

Ms. Manis said Mrs. Maymir also wants to know the status of the sound walls.

Mayor Webster said I'm not surprised that you got a call. We went through this 4 or 5 years ago when they rerouted all the traffic around I-275. A lot of the surrounding communities were up in arms about it but they did it anyway. I have a lot of empathy for people and I don't want to see all these trucks going through our city either, but realistically I'm not optimistic about us being able to do anything about it. I think they are going to cram it down our throat just like they did last time.

Mr. Danbury said there was a traffic article in the Metro today. It showed a car in Kenwood Town Center upside down. It talked about the police officers they have and all the wrecks. It said in Springdale we usually utilize three officers and through the use of our computerized traffic signal system we have less traffic problems than they do. It was definitely a commendation of the efforts Mr. Shuler has put forth. I thought it was an excellent article and it gave us a pat on the back.


Planning Commission December 9, 7:00 p.m.

Board of Health December 11, 7:00 p.m.

Board of Zoning Appeals December 16, 7:00 p.m.



Target, public hearing in progress December 17

Budget hearing appropriation ordinance, public hearing December 17

Appropriations transfer ordinance December 17

Employee compensation ordinance December 17

Resolution dealing with investments January 7,1998

Resolutions for two new board members December 17

Resolution for Civil Service December 17

Resolution for Don Darby January 7, 1998

Mr. Vanover made a motion for the committee as a whole to go into executive session to discuss issues pertaining to real estate. Ms. McNear seconded.

Council went into executive session at 10:38 p.m. Council reconvened at 10:49 p.m.

Council adjourned at 10:50 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,




Edward F. Knox

Clerk of Council/Finance Director

Minutes Approved:

Randy Danbury, President of Council



__________________________, l997