Council was called to order on October 2, 1996 at 7:00 p.m. by President of Council Randy Danbury.

The Pledge of Allegiance was recited by the governmental body and those in attendance.

Roll call was taken by Mr. Knox. Present were Council members Boice, Galster, Manis, McNear, Vanover, Wilson and Danbury.

In the minutes of September 18, 1996, Mr. Wilson said Mr. Okum's name should be spelled Okum, not Oakum. The minutes were approved with 7 affirmative votes.




Mr. Danbury said this is a second reading. However, after discussing this ordinance earlier with the Mayor, there will be a change in the total amount we will be looking to expend on this.

Mr. Parham said I am distributing a revised copy of the proposal presented by the Institute for Policy Research with the University of Cincinnati. As Mr. Danbury indicated there is a cost increase. I, along with the mayor, Mr. Danbury, Mrs. McNear and Mr. Wilson met on September 23 with Kimberly Downing, research associate with the University of Cincinnati, to discuss the survey that the University is preparing for the City for the months of November and December. As a result of that, there is some additional information that is requested. Initially the City was going to provide the University with random telephone numbers. We have decided it would be more feasible if the University itself obtained those numbers through a random digital dial sample system they have. There were additional costs associated with implementing that random digital dial system. Under the original proposal, since the City was going to provide the phone numbers for the institute, there was no cost added for that. Now that they are going to access the numbers through their own system there is an additional cost of approximately $1,000. At the same time, because there are overlapping prefixes in the telephone numbers for the City of Springdale, along with Sharonville, Forest Park, Glendale, our neighboring communities, there will be additional interviewing that is required in order to pinpoint those individuals who are contacted as to whether they are Springdale residents. Once they have obtained that information they will proceed with the process. That added an additional $1,500 to the project; thereby increasing the project from $16,543 in the original proposal to $19,000.

Mrs. Boice made a motion to change the figure from $16,543 to $19,000 and Mrs. McNear seconded. The motion passed 7-0.

Mrs. McNear made a motion to adopt and Mrs. Boice seconded.

Ms. Manis said I talked to several residents about this. I think it's a lot of money to do my job for me. I think if I am doing my job, I should know what my residents think. The majority of the residents I talked to said if there is something I don't like, I'll tell you. I won't be supporting this tonight.

Mr. Danbury said, just for the record, it's not necessarily, do you like us, do you like the things we've done? It's just to find out what's important to our residents. Even though we may intermingle with a lot of people, a lot of times we don't talk to everybody. I think this would be a good sample base on which to base any future activity and plans that the City may undertake. Like the skating ramp we didn't want before, we may find that a majority of people want a skating ramp. I think it's a good idea from a City standpoint or company standpoint just to find out what the residents or employees really think. I think it's beneficial.

Mr. Wilson said I have mixed feelings about this but I think what will determine the value of this survey will be the types of questions asked -hopefully, we'll have more control over that- and the responses we get. I think that will determine whether the survey was worth it or not but I'll be supporting it. We won't know the value of it until it is completed.

Mayor Webster said if anyone is looking at it as just a report card, then I agree with Ms. Manis. I think the real value of this comes out of the fact that this is an integral part of our strategic planning process. I think based upon the types of questions that are going to be asked, hopefully we'll get some feedback from the citizens of this City as to what kind of services, increased services, additional services or benefits they'd like to see out of their City government. We can take that input into the strategic planning session in the early part of the year and enhance our five year plan, etc. I think $20,000 is a small amount of money for what we hope to gain out of it. No one's looking for a pat on the head to say your doing a good job.

Mr. Danbury responded I think that's a key point. As mentioned earlier I was one of the people in the meeting where we were talking about the questions. A lot of these are open-ended questions and we may get some ideas we haven't thought of from people. It's something we may be able to use in the future.

Mr. Parham said I think it is important to point out that relative to the formulation of the questions, part of that meeting on September 23 was for us to give some input to Ms. Downing and to the institute as to the types of issues that we think are affecting the community or that we would like to have some kind of reading on from the citizens. Once they have formulated those questions, they will pass them back to the City for our review. If we don't think their questions are appropriate or won't get to the answers we are looking for, we can also change those questions or redirect them and try to get to where we want to be.

Mrs. Boice said I don't see it as a report card issue. I think we all get our report cards on election day as to how we are doing our job. I don't think that's what this is about at all. I have found over the years, when a resident does contact me, it generally involves something that involves them personally. Rarely do I get calls on an overall reading of why doesn't the City do this, why doesn't the City do that? It is basically something that is bothering them personally. I think this survey gives those 500 people who are going to be called the opportunity to think about the whole picture, not just their own back yard. That is why I am supporting it. There are probably questions and answers in this survey that we had never thought of. Maybe a citizen has never felt that he/she wanted to speak to it in an open forum when he/she has talked to one of us because he/she again, was concerned with his/her own personal issue. Hopefully this will give a broader spectrum.

Mr. Galster said I read in the Tri County Press today that we were looking to do this every two to three years. My own personal perspective is that I'm willing to go ahead with the survey and see what kind of results we get. I'm not committed to doing it every two to three years. Maybe there is another way of doing it. I don't know that it's not economically feasible just to mail a questionnaire but I'm willing to give this a shot.

Mrs. McNear said I will be supporting this from the standpoint that it's a planning expense. I'd rather see us spend $20,000, which granted, is a lot of money; but let's say, for example, we decided to build a gym and people don't really think we need one. I don't know what a gym cost - $500,000 to $1,000,000 - so if you look at that in the perspective of $20,000 to whatever the cost of that mistake may be, I think it's definitely a good investment.

Ordinance 72-1996 passed with 6 affirmative votes. Ms. Manis voted no.


Mr. Galster made a motion to adopt and Mr. Wilson seconded.

Ordinance 73-1996 passed with 7 affirmative votes.


Mr. Vanover made a motion to adopt and Mrs. McNear seconded.

Mayor Webster said if anyone has looked at the attached exhibit, this work has nothing to do with the Crossings project.

Mr. Shuler said the drawing you have, Mayor, is the one we had put together for the contractor. I gave one to you, Mr. Osborn, and the chairman of the committee. I didn't attach a copy of the construction drawing for everybody because it is basically the same work we had described to Council at the last meeting. This is just the more detailed drawing of how the contractor is going to complete the work. I should point out the reason we have asked that this be attached to the Crossings contract rather than the street improvement contract is that they are both being done by the same contractor. I think we had told Council at the last meeting when we discussed this project, that we estimated the cost in the range of $20,000 to $25,000. When we got together with the contractor, the actual cost we worked out with them was about $27,000. However, we have about $13,500 worth of water work improvements on the Ray Norrish widening that Water Works has determined will not be necessary so rather than add $27,000 to one contract and delete $13,000 from another contract, we thought this would be a better way to handle it. We're taking advantage of the $13,500 we're going to save on the water improvements on the Ray Norrish widening to offset some of those costs, which is why your change order is only $13,600, not the total cost of the Rockcrest Drive. I can answer any questions you may have about the work. Nothing has changed since we explained it to Council at the last meeting. We've talked to the contractor. They are prepared to move forward. We have one of the right of entries in hand from Mr. Gilene. I've talked to Mr. Rhodes twice. Unfortunately, he's working out of town. I faxed him additional information yesterday so hopefully we'll have that right of entry in hand by the end of the week and possibly could see work there in a week or so assuming this is approved this evening.

Mr. Danbury asked how long do you think it will take to complete this project.

Mr. Shuler replied we estimate about a week. They will come in and build the two new catch basins. Then we anticipate them replacing the curb on the south side of the street, then replace the curb on the north side of the street. The reason we like that order is that it leaves the Rhodes access to their home as long as possible. When they do the curb on the north side of the street we'll have to shut down and block off that whole intersection. Everybody will still be able to get to their homes because we have other accesses. We'll put the new curb in and then it's just a matter of filling in the low area with asphalt which has to go in in two or three lifts and it can only be done one lift per day but we anticipate the whole project will take no more than a week.

Mr. Danbury said if we approve this then we can finish it by Halloween.

Mr. Shuler replied absolutely. I mentioned at the last meeting that we were anxious to do that this fall as the developer still wants to put the final surface course on all of those streets this fall. We needed to do this work before they put that final surface on to save that additional cost of putting the surface on ourselves. They are really wanting to get their work done by the end of October as well.

Mayor Webster said let's just make sure the record indicates where you heard that - all work done by Halloween. That did not come from the Administration. We're not real happy right now with Mr. Cavett's company. They have streets ground off and exposed, sewer lids, curbs, etc., not only in the Crossings but on Kenn Road. This is another project they have to do. They were supposed to have been finished with the Crossings by September 30 and all they've done is ground off the streets. They have a lot of work to do there; a lot of work on Kenn Road, and now another week's worth of work here. And they are not working in town this week so you heard it from Mr. Shuler.

Ordinance 74-1996 passed with 7 affirmative votes.


Ms. Manis made a motion to adopt and Mr. Wilson seconded.

Mrs. Boice said I've never considered myself naive but this ordinance surprised me. Have we had some experience with people hunting within the City? Are there people out there who would be ignorant enough to do this?

Mr. Parham said I do recall about a year ago we had a number of telephone contacts from individuals, not only from within the City but also outside the City who inquired as to whether they were permitted to hunt within the City with a bow and arrow. We already have on the books prohibitions of hunting with firearms. This simply prohibits hunting with a bow and arrow. It also adds some exceptions.

Mrs. Boice responded people really thought they could hunt within the City.

Mayor Webster replied they could. The state is now issuing an urban deer hunting license so you could go to the state, get an urban deer hunting license and hunt with a bow in the City of Springdale and there's not a thing we could do about without this legislation.

Mr. Danbury said there are a lot of deer here.

Mrs. Boice replied I know that but there's also a lot of danger with bows and arrows. I just could not envision that this was even necessary. I would think common sense would have prevailed.

Mr. Danbury said there are a lot of Daniel Boone wannabes out there. I know of one individual who used to go rabbit hunting in his back yard in Springdale all the time.

Mr. Knox said I've seen seven deer in the empty lot right next to me. They are all back in the Glenmary area. People are watching that.

Mrs. Boice said I don't dispute that at all. Call me naive which is not an adjective I ever thought would fit me, but I just couldn't envision anyone even thinking about hunting in one's back yard.

Mr. Knox stated I happen to work with a group of people who would think that way.

Ordinance 75-1996 passed with 7 affirmative votes.


Mr. Schneider said I am trying to determine whether a public hearing date has been set because this involves changing the zoning code.

Mr. Galster said I believe we had a public hearing on this issue and it's just taken a while to get the actual wording of the legislation down. Do the slight changes that have come from the Health Department require a new public hearing.

Ms. Manis said the only thing changing in the zoning code is household domesticated pets definitions and that has come from Planning and I think we had the public hearing on it. The rest of the ordinance was changed again.

Mr. Schneider stated it is a new ordinance as such since we have reconstructed it here so I think we have the obligation to set it down for public hearing.

Mr. Danbury said I would like to set a public hearing for November 6, 1996. Mr. Knox, will you advertise a public hearing for Ordinance 76-1996. We will consider this at that time.


First reading


Ms. Manis made a motion to adopt and Mr. Galster seconded.

Mr. Shuler said these two projects we are applying for funding for are a combination of the State Capital Improvement Funding Program and the Hamilton County Municipal Road Fund monies which we have used in the past. The Sharon Road rehabilitation project is a project to improve storm drainage along Sharon Road. We have some ditches along the side of the road that we would like to eliminate. It includes repair and resurfacing of the entire length of Sharon Road in the City which would be from Ballinger to Route 4. That also includes a bike path which is on our master plan for our bike way system. The total estimated project cost is $498,000. We are applying for $226,500 from the State Capital Improvement Fund or 45% of the project cost; $113,500 from Municipal Road Funds at 23% of the cost; and $158,000 would be local Springdale money. The biggest part of that is the bike path which is not eligible under the State Capital Improvement Project Funding. The other project is one that has been on our agenda for a couple of years. Since we widened the Kemper Road railroad bridge at CSX just past Sears, this is combination project of repairing the road surface on top of the bridge, replacing the waterproof membrane on top of the bridge structure and below the asphalt surface and then it would be the repair and resurfacing of Kemper Road from S.R. 747 past Tri County Mall across the bridge to where the new pavement has been put down in the last year. That project is estimated at a total cost of $208,000. We're applying for $93,500 from State Capital Improvement Funds; $52,000 from the Hamilton County Municipal Road Fund; and the City's share would be $62,500.

Resolution R27-1996 passed with 7 affirmative votes.


Mr. Knox said Mr. Schneider has reviewed the proposed investment policy that I brought up at the last meeting and he has determined that it would be in our best interest if the Council voted on this investment policy and we had the approval of it.

Mr. Schneider said I suggested to Mr. Knox a motion of Council would be quite adequate. We don't really need an ordinance or resolution approving the investment policy set up by the Finance Director.

Mayor Webster asked if this would be a natural to tie in with Resolution R1 that is passed every year where Council gives the Finance Officer authority to invest the funds for the next twelve months.

Mr. Schneider replied I think we will only have to do it one time unless there are changes that the Finance Director wants to make. It might be a good time to do it then. The legislation is effective September 27 so I would suggest it be done now for this purpose and at review time, if there were many modifications, discuss that with Council at that time. For tonight, I think everybody had it and it was reviewed by the Finance Director at the last meeting subject to my review, so I think a mere motion, second and majority in favor will establish that policy as a policy of the City as set up by the Finance Director.

Ms. Manis made a motion to adopt the depository policy and Mrs. Boice seconded. It was accepted with 7 affirmative votes.

Mr. Danbury said I would like to summarize everything for the public.

Mr. Knox stated to summarize the investment and depository policy of the City of Springdale we have guidelines and objectives. Those are to preserve capital while earning investment interest. It also states that our bank account relationships will be maintained in order to secure adequate services while minimizing costs and if possible, to have no costs. All deposits and investments of monies made by the City of Springdale will conform to what is actually Section 39.05B of the Deposits and Investment Procedures of the City. We are very lucky that the Council foresaw a need for this, and for quite a few years we have had an ordinance that has said how we can invest money and the investments are very conservative in nature. At the moment our investments are totally in Star Ohio accounts. We have the capability to invest in three of the major banks which have been approved by Council. They are approved on a regular basis. At the moment Star Ohio is paying 9 basis points higher. We have that possibility but also under the ordinance we have the possibility of entering into re-purchase agreements and other conservative investments if they will return more to the City than Star Ohio or the CD deposits would do.

Mayor Webster said the Parks and Recreation Commission met last evening. We discussed a topic that has been discussed before here in Council so I just want to bring you up to date on it. In the 1997 budget there is a request to spend $15,000 for an outdoor batting cage. We had generated a lot of conversation at budget time and have had a lot of conversations with several Council people since that time. At the last Parks and Recreation Commission meeting we asked Mr. Burton and his staff to go back and look into putting in an indoor batting cage. The feeling was that it would be used more and it would be less expensive. I am pleased to report that that is the recommendation of the Parks and Recreation Commission. The cost of that batting cage is just over $5,000. It's something we can have in place by April 1, 1997 when the teams start to practice. Regardless of the weather outside the kids can be in there taking their licks at the batting cage. We would like to proceed with that which we can do without competitive bids.

Ms. Manis asked where it would be in the Rec Center.

Mayor Webster replied we would wait until the volleyball and basketball leagues are over around the first of April. At that point it would be in the back part of the gym. We would pull the curtains and we could still have open gym for basketball or volleyball in the front part. Once we set it up we would most likely leave it up for the six to eight week period that we see the majority of the usage taking place.

Ms. Manis said if you just wanted to use it, you would have to have somebody from the Rec Center to put it up which wouldn't happen.

Mayor Webster replied we would not encourage that.

Mr. Galster said I assume this cost includes some kind of protection for the floor.

Mayor Webster replied the whole cage is astroturf. It's like 70'x28'x16' and everything is in a net with astroturf on the floor. It includes three different sizes: baseball, softball and could even be adapted to a tennis ball.

Mr. Danbury asked if they also anticipate improving the lighting.

Mayor Webster responded the $5,074 does not include enhancing the lighting. Now once we get it set up and see we have some dark spots it will not be a major expense for us to drop a couple of lights out of the ceiling.

Mr. Wilson asked if we ever investigated the possibility of having two batting cages. Part of my concern with one outdoor cage is how much actual time would be allotted per team during the course of the season. Did we look at maybe having two batting cages for $8,500? Did we feel the need for two and would there be space for two at less than $10,000.

Mayor Webster replied yes, we did think about that. No, there would not be space for it unless we totally closed the gym. We don't think that would be fair to the other people. Based upon the costs I saw last evening I don't think there would be any savings. If it's $5074 it would be twice that amount for two of them. If gym space were not an issue I would agree with you and we'd be recommending we go with two of them. If and when we would expand our indoor facility we probably would be coming back asking to put another one in there. I think this certainly gives us an entree into this service and we can judge how well it goes and how much it's used. We have two active baseball coaches on the commission and they are very excited about it. Bear in mind, they will still have their scheduled outdoor practices. Whatever they get, even two hours a week in the cage, that's two hours in addition to what they can get outside.

Mr. Schneider said we have title to the Schulze property. We anticipate we will have full occupancy and possession of the site by the end of next month, perhaps sooner. Just for your information, the Schulzes have already purchased another house in Florida and anticipate being relocated there prior to Christmas.

Mr. Danbury said the only other item of Old Business I had was the resolution we had dealing with Sharon Road. Mr. Shuler, I would like to see if the City can get into negotiation with somebody, whether it's Glendale, the state or county, and try to see what we can do to put some turn lanes at the corner of Sharon and Rt. 4. It has to be one of the worst and most dangerous intersections period. What we are doing right now is putting sidewalks in, encouraging people to go around but you can't cross the street. You are getting people running red lights because they want to try to cut in front of another car and it really is dangerous. I think it is something that has to be addressed.

Mr. Shuler replied we'll need to get together with Glendale because about 2/3 to 3/4 of that intersection is in Glendale. It's one of the problems we have. Our corporation line cuts across the intersection at a funny angle. The corner where the doctors' office is is the only real corner of that intersection that is in the City. I agree with you. We have had other complaints from time to time about that traffic. I know Glendale is talking with the state about a new signal there but I also understand they were talking about just a signal upgrade and not any pavement improvements which I think needs to happen at the same time. Mr. Osborn and I have talked about that once or twice and it's probably an appropriate time now to get together with Glendale and talk seriously about what we can do jointly there.

Mr. Danbury said it is a nightmare and I'd like to see if we can do something quickly.

Ms. Manis said I saw that Mr. Baker of Kerry Ford was cited for a noise ordinance violation and I wondered if there was something else that had happened since we talked and sent out the letters. Another thing on the batting cage, will we not be hosting Jazzercise anymore? They take the full gym and it's a very popular class. I didn't know if it was thought through, that all these things are taken care of.

Mayor Webster replied to my knowledge there has been no decision to curtail Jazzercise. If it's a matter of squeezing them in half the gym for six weeks, then yes, that's what we'd have to do. I have never been under the understanding that they needed the entire gym for the Jazzercise class. I'm sure Mr. Burton and his staff have thought that through and I just don't see a conflict there. On the other issue we have had a couple of complaints regarding violation of the noise ordinance on a couple of businesses on Kemper Road and there have been some citations issued. The Police Department is not in a warn mode anymore. Those people have been talked to enough and if a resident complains, if the officer hears the noise when he arrives on the scene, a citation is issued. If the noise has subsided by the time the officer arrives and the resident is willing to come to court and press charges, we'll also issue a citation.

Mrs. Boice said I do not own animals and if I did, I think I would take proper care of them. I would like to remind all the citizens in Springdale that we do have a pooper scooper type of law. It's your animal; it's your mess to clean up. I don't like it in my yard and I don't think anybody likes it in their yard if they don't have animals; and if they do have animals, they clean it up themselves. As we are getting into the season where we turn them out quickly in the cold, I have noticed this a great deal, not only in my own yard, which is beside the point. I can handle that, I don't like it but I can handle it. But as I have been driving through the City seeing people walking dogs, I just wanted to remind the public in general, this is a no-no. If you take your dogs for a walk and they're going to do what they are out walking for, be prepared to clean it up. Don't leave it for somebody else.


Mr. Danbury said we have a request for a liquor license transfer for Outback Steakhouse. It's just a transfer internally as I see it. Are there any objections to this liquor license transfer? There were no objections.

Mr. Vanover said Warner Cable is out unrolling the new converter boxes in the City. There are a whole lot of bells, whistles, fancy buttons and everything else. I'm impressed with the attitude and service. If any of the residents contact you let them know this is happening. I'm not sure how extensive they have hit the City as yet but they are out.

Ms. Manis said we got something in the mail this week so they let you know.

Mayor Webster said I received this letter from the local 863 of the UAW: "Dear Mayor: We are having our annual flu shot program on Saturday, October 12, 1996 from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. at UAW Local 863, 10708 Reading Road, Evendale. I would appreciate your assistance in publicizing this event. This program is especially helpful to all of our senior citizens and the larger families in the area who can't afford an office call and the regular price of a flu shot. Enclosed you will find a flyer containing all the information about the program. Fred North, President, UAW Local 863" It is open to the public and the cost is $4. The shots are administered by nurses under the supervision of a physician. Any time between 8 a.m. and 6 p.m. on October 12 you can get your flu shot there. If you are over 18 years of age you can come here locally at no cost and receive a flu shot. We encourage that for the elderly and the chronically ill, especially those with respiratory problems. We also will be having open house for this on Friday, October 18, from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. and 1:30 to 4:00 p.m. where you do not need an appointment. However, you do need your doctor's approval if we have not previously administered the flu shot to you so please bring that approval with you.

Mayor Webster said I have a proclamation I would like to read:

HEREAS, a home fire occurs in Ohio every 30 minutes and 80% of fire deaths occur in homes; and

WHEREAS, 14,826 residential fires occurred in Ohio during 1994 resulting in 127 deaths and 1,513 injuries; and

WHEREAS, the theme for this year's Fire Prevention Week is "Let's Hear it for Fire Safety! Test Your Detectors!"; and

WHEREAS, smoke detectors -- which double our chances of escaping a nighttime fire - should be placed on every level of the home; and

WHEREAS, when changing your clocks back from Daylight Savings Time on Sunday, October 27, State Fire Marshal James McNamee recommends that Ohioans make a potentially lifesaving change: change the batteries in your smoke detectors; and

WHEREAS, planning and practicing a fire escape plan can greatly enhance the ability to escape a fire unharmed; and

WHEREAS, the Division of State Fire Marshal and the Ohio fire service are joined by the citizens of this state, along with businesses, schools, service clubs, and other organizations in their fire prevention efforts; and

NOW THEREFORE, I, DOYLE H. WEBSTER, Mayor of the City of Springdale, do hereby proclaim the week of October 6, 1996 through October 12, 1996 as

"Fire Prevention Week"

in the City of Springdale and urge all citizens to exercise fire safety in order to protect themselves and others from the ravages of fire.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto set my hand and caused the Great Seal of the City of Springdale to be affixed this second day of October in the year of Our Lord, Nineteen Hundred Ninety-Six. Doyle H. Webster, Mayor, City of Springdale

Mayor Webster said this Saturday is open house at our fire station featuring the Firefighter Phil Show. The program is repeated three times throughout the day where we have a fire extinguisher demonstration and training along with the show. At 2:30 we have the Firefighter Phil Show and auto extraction demonstration, then a vehicle fire demonstration. We encourage the parents to bring the kids out to see Firefighter Phil. There will be refreshments provided.

Mayor Webster said we have an ordinance authorizing the renewal of a contract with our magistrate that expires the end of November. I had it put on the scheduling system so we would have plenty of time and it would not require an emergency, but when I look at the calendar we will have to have an emergency in order for it to be in effect. We don't have time for two readings and thirty days. We could have two readings with an emergency and I would like to have it read for the first time at the next meeting and passage with the emergency on November 6. The terms and conditions are the same. I will have an update on the financial viability of this for you at the next meeting.


Planning Commission October 8, 7:00 p.m.

Board of Health October 10, 7:00 p.m.

Board of Zoning Appeals October 15, 7:30 p.m.

Ms. Manis asked if the RV committee is still being formed. Mayor Webster said I reviewed this with you, Mr. Danbury and I thought you were going to contact the people and get it off the ground.

Mr. Danbury said I am not going to be on it but it will be pursued. Ms. Manis said I don't want to be on it but I've had several RV owners tell me they would like to be on it. They figure a committee from all people around here would only produce one thing.



Mr. Danbury said the only thing I picked up tonight was a request for a renewal of the contract with the magistrate to be read twice with the emergency clause.


Mr. Danbury said we're going to bring back item 3. Do we still anticipate the Urban County Community Development Block Grant at our next meeting?

Mr. Parham said I would say, yes we do.

Mr. Danbury said item 6, underground detention - that will be the second reading. I still see item number 4, the situation where we would house the prisoners from Glendale. Is there any development on that?

Mr. Schneider replied we sent the law director there a letter thirty days ago and followed up with a phone call. He indicated he had gotten behind on it. He has to clear it with his Council. We made a modification relative to any liability involved with the prisoners is their responsibility. He needed to review that with his Council and my guess is it may also be sent to their insurance carrier and that may be what is taking time. We have the ordinance drafted and ready to go as soon as we get the okay. I think there are two more zoning matters that will be coming up as well - the Frey property and the business center. The public hearing is November 6. Do you want the first reading at the next meeting?

Mr. Danbury said I personally think this is a very valuable little tool. It helps everybody.

Mr. Parham said item 11, snow emergency route, we anticipate a first reading at the next meeting.

Council adjourned at 8:10 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Edward F. Knox

Clerk of Council/Finance Director

Minutes Approved:

Randy Danbury, President of Council

__________________________, l996