President of Council Randy Danbury called Council to order on March 18, 1998 at 7:00 p.m.


The governmental body and those in attendance recited the pledge of allegiance. Mr. Danbury asked for a moment of silence for past Fire Chief Frank Smith, who passed away. Mr. Knox gave the invocation.


Mr. Knox took roll call. Present were Council members Galster, Manis, McNear, Pollitt, Vanover, Wilson and Danbury.


The minutes of March 4, 1998 were approved with 7 affirmative votes.




RULES AND LAWS - Ms. Manis said she will be bringing in an ordinance or two since we don't have a leash law either.





PUBLIC WORKS - Mr. Vanover said on the agenda tonight is Ordinance 22-1998 authorizing the engineering work for the 1998 street program. We recommend the approval. The schedule is: go to bid in April; award contracts in June; construction from June through October 1998.




CAPITAL IMPROVEMENTS - Ms. Manis said the Community Center pool repair and improvements are scheduled to be completed in April. We have 33 of the 42 signatures for the acquisition of easements for the West Kemper Road storm sewer project. Construction is scheduled for the summer of this year. The public meeting for the Sharon Road reconstruction will be March 24 at 7:00 p.m.


FINANCE COMMITTEE - Mr. Wilson stated they met March 4. They had a preliminary discussion on a proposal brought to us for banking and depository services for the City. There will be a follow up meeting to finalize this in the next few months.


PLANNING COMMISSION - Mr. Galster reported they met March 10. Showcase Cinemas requested approval of the sign package for their expansion. The amount of signage they will have with the new building will be less than what they presently are approved for. All pole signs will be reworked and the square footage will not change. That was approved 7-0.


Target has been before Council and Planning Commission for some time and that was approved 7-0.


MARS Music Store came through with no changes to the sign package and that passed 7-0.


BOARD OF ZONING APPEALS - Mrs. McNear said they met last evening. LTD Improvements and Maple Knoll Village requested approval of the construction of a deck at 611 Maple Trace to be 15 feet from the property line. Several months ago we approved a variance to allow the construction of a room addition that has been completed since then. The applicant wanted to add a deck as well as a surrounding rail 4 feet wide plus another bridge of about 4 feet. This was to help with a drainage swale issue they had. We granted a variance allowing the deck to come in with the dimensions of the room addition. That was granted 5-0.


Petsmart, 11741 Princeton Pike, requested a variance to allow the display of a Petsmart and Coming Soon banners on the store. Each sign is 4 feet by 20 feet. They wanted to have those signs placed on the fascia of the building once they had the first wall up. That would be for about 5 months. After the store opened they wanted to display Petsmart and Now Open. Right now you can have four occasions with a two week duration to display a banner. We granted them a total of six weeks for the banners to be displayed. It could be consecutive time or there could be a break but it could only be displayed for a six week period.


The last item on the agenda was the revocation of variances granted but not acted upon within six months. There were six variances that had not been acted upon. We sent letters out to each of the applicants requesting a response or their appearance at our meeting. One person did respond and we granted a three-month extension. The remainder of the variances were revoked. If they choose to go forward with these they would have to reapply.


In response to Mr. Galster, Mrs. McNear said one of the variances pulled back was for a deck at Bing's. The others were residential.


BOARD OF HEALTH - Ms. Pollitt said they met March 12. There was a public hearing and second reading regarding Regulation R1-1998, increasing the pool and spa license fees. Two apartment complex representatives were present and asked that the increase be postponed until next year. The board explained that they moved in a timely manner and decided to go ahead with the regulation. The board has not increased any fees for licenses since 1991. Ms. Messer reported a health fair will be held June 18 from 2-6 p.m. at the Community Center. A mammography van and lifeline vascular screenings will be available. The vascular screenings are for the three major arteries. The tests would be $35 each or all three for $95. You can call Jane Messer at the Health Department for more information.


CIVIL SERVICE COMMISSION - Mr. Coleman reported they met March 12. A review of the answer sheet and key for the lieutenant's exam with Sergeant Fields had taken place on January 26. All aspects of the review were timely and in accordance with procedures established by the Civil Service Rules and Regulations. Recently the City has taken applications for a public works inspector and street maintenance worker. Currently the City is taking applications for a property maintenance inspector and in the near future we will be accepting applications for the account clerk I position. We acknowledged the probationary appointment of Mr. Landon Smith for the position of custodian for the Municipal Building and Parks and Recreation Department. We acknowledged the promotion of Thomas Wells to the rank of sergeant in the Police Department and the permanent appointment of Leslie Helton to the position of violations clerk in the Police Department, the probationary appointment of Matthew McGee to the position of patrol officer, promotion of Officer Gus Teague to the rank of lieutenant, Richard Neumann to the rank of sergeant. We also entered into the record a letter from Patrol Officer Maupin dropping his appeal in regards to a disciplinary matter.


O-K-I - no report


MAYOR'S REPORT - Mayor Webster extend sympathy to the Frank Smith family on behalf of the City. Frank goes back to before the incorporation in 1959. Most of the time the City was protected by volunteer firemen and money was raised through the Ladies' Auxiliary. He has been missed since he retired and we'll certainly miss him as one of the City's senior citizens.


Last Thursday, March 12, our Springdale Chamber of Commerce signed an alliance with the Greater Cincinnati Chamber of Commerce. With the stroke of a pen our local chapter picked up 180 members. All the businesses have to do when they pay their dues is check a box indicating they want to be a member of the Springdale chapter. There is no additional cost involved and the local chapter gets $75 rebated back from the downtown chapter. The Chamber is now looking for an executive director. If there is an executive in the community who would like to volunteer 10-15 hours a week and be involved in the Chamber we'd like to hear from you.


I received a letter dated February 17 addressed to the Springdale Fire Department: It read "On Friday, February 13, 1998, your EMS Department responded to McSwain Manufacturing to provide first aid to one of our employees who had fallen through a roof skylight. The timeliness and professionalism of the department's response was greatly appreciated. Our employee was provided with the greatest of care and swiftness of retrieval and transportation to the hospital. Please convey all of our employees' thanks for a job well done. Sincerely, Mark Radeke, President, The Cincinnati Air Conditioning Company"


Don't forget Mayor's Nite In is next Wednesday, 7:00 p.m. in the rotunda.




ADMINISTRATOR'S REPORT - Mr. Osborn said as a follow on to the earlier comments, Frank Smith joined the volunteer Fire Department in 1946. In 1948 he was elected chief by his peers and he served 35 years without interruption until 1981. I think this is all the more admirable because it was in a volunteer capacity. He was by profession, a fire safety officer with GE. His expertise, the training he acquired at GE, his leadership skills really developed the groundwork for the professional department we now enjoy here in Springdale. Looking back on the history of the community, I have no doubt he will be remembered as one of the pillars of our community. He and his wife, Becky, were very high profile. Whenever there was a need they were there. It's impossible to replace those types of people. It's a real loss to our community to know that Frank is no longer with us. Visitation will be tomorrow night from 6 to 8 p.m. at Vorhis Funeral Home. The funeral will be Friday at 10 a.m. at Vorhis with interment at Oak Hills Cemetery. The Fire Department will provide the pall bearers and there will be a display of equipment at the cemetery.


The meeting with the public for the Sharon Road improvement project which will involve the repair and resurfacing of Sharon Road along its entire length in Springdale, as well as the installation of a storm sewer system over a major part of that project will be held March 24 at 7 p.m. in Council chambers. The letters to the residents on Sharon Road went out last week. We have already received one or two inquiries to which we have already responded.


We have tentatively picked Wednesday, April 8 at 7 p.m. for the Community Center expansion project public meeting. We intend to send a letter out to the entire community on March 23 inviting people to participate in this exchange. The intention is for the consultant to provide a summary of the results of our survey which we are just now completing as well as formulating some proposals as to the type of expansion they are recommending. When you discount the returns from vacant addresses, there were 4,244 questionnaires sent out and as of today we have about 400 returned.


I'm very glad to announce that Tim Green, a 17 year employee of the Parks Department, has been selected for the appointment of Public Works Inspector. His appointment was effective Monday, March 16. Tim has a proven track record with this organization. He is an exceptional employee, the right type of individual to put into a position that involves a great deal of public contact and the ability to work through issues amiably. I'm sure we all wish him the best in his new position.


Bill McErlane applied for a customer service center grant recently and we have learned that we are going to be the recipient of a $25,000 grant from the Ohio Department of Commerce. Twenty-two awards are being granted throughout the state. The purpose of the grant is to develop ways of streamlining the contact between the public and the agencies of government that issue permits. In our particular case, with the benefit of the money we will receive, we will buy software, certain pieces of hardware and engage in training; and ultimately have a one-stop shopping arrangement for all permits that the public would require from the Building Department, Health Department, Public Works Department and Fire Departments. This system would allow us to coordinate all of those applications over one desk and streamline the response time back to the public. It does not change the responsibility of the individual departments but for the public, they will only have to come to the receptionist area outside the Building and Health Departments to apply for these permits. The grant will be formally awarded on Friday, April 3. Mr. McErlane and Mayor Webster will be in attendance at Cincinnati City Hall. I would like to congratulate Mr. McErlane and the Building Department for the initiative that they have shown here and the improvement of services I'm sure we can expect as a result.


Mr. Vanover asked if this would include electrical permits.


Mr. Osborn replied we will still be working with IBI for electrical permits and Hamilton County for plumbing permits but one of the things we have talked about is perhaps being able to do those over the internet through this office as well. We haven't gotten that worked out yet because those two agencies are independent from us but technically there is no reason why we couldn't establish that type of opportunity.




ENGINEER'S REPORT - Mr. Shuler stated I placed two pieces of information at each person's seat. The first one is the cost summary and options you requested for the landmark project.


The second item is a replacement page for one of the attachments for Ordinance 20-1998. This is a revised project schedule. When we reviewed that schedule the Kemper Road improvement project at S.R. 747 was scheduled to be completed in the spring of 2001. We condensed the entire schedule because we want that project done before the winter and Christmas shopping season.






Curt Joachimi, 511 West Kemper Road asked if Mayor Webster would like to schedule a meeting with the residents who would like to discuss the Kemper Road project a little further.


Mr. Danbury asked what the problems are. We do have one-on-one's scheduled and you say it is intimidating. We did have a public forum and answered all the questions from everybody who was here.


Mr. Joachimi said a lot of people did sign the legal documents but the statement was raised that if the project was stopped at any point, the legal documents were null and void anyway. Some of the other residents have questions and I personally am against it. I don't see a need for the storm sewer or leveling out of Kemper Road. I've never had a City official come to my defense when I had a problem in my house so I don't understand why it's transpiring this time.


Mr. Danbury said I would like to invite you to Mr. Knorr's house the next time it rains and you help him clean up.


Mr. Osborn said Mr. Joachimi, the one statement regarding the temporary nature of those easements is incorrect. Once they are signed it's a permanent easement and can't be revoked. That's what we've represented from the very beginning. Secondly, as to your comment about not getting help from the City, didn't you call about a problem with sign up at the Community Center and didn't I take care of that?


Mr. Joachimi replied yes.


Paul Szempruch, 509 West Kemper Road, said I didn't ask anybody for anything when he had problems in my house. The right-of-way is 30 feet from the center of the road. My property from the curb line to my house is 56 feet. Why can't you put that storm sewer closer to the road? I think Springdale is built on the retail economy and they want the expressway to open and Kemper Road seems to be your next main artery. Your whole goal is to make a four lane highway out of Kemper Road.


Mr. Danbury said expanding Kemper Road has never been discussed except 7 years ago when we discussed widening the road from Greenlawn to Rt. 4. The last thing we want to do is put a four lane road there.


Mr. Szempruch asked with the 30 foot easements, can you put a sidewalk in there?


Mayor Webster replied we have enough easement to put a sidewalk in front of your house tomorrow. We'd like to explore the idea of putting sidewalks or a bike path on Kemper Road to tie into the overall regional system.


Mr. Szempruch asked how long is the project going to last? When you put the pipes in my yard, are you going to put my yard back in or are you going to wait six months and regrade it all back together?


Mr. Shuler responded, assuming the work is started in June, it will be completed this fall. The practicality of doing 42 yards individually is not economical. We will be building the project and then seeding the yard at one time.


Mr. Szempruch said then you are saying we have a right to liquidated damages for endurance of the long project.


Mr. Schneider replied I don't know what you establish as damages if it is returned to its pre-existing condition. That's the City's intent and that's what they will do.


Mr. Szempruch stated we will have to live with the dust and dirt for six months and it's not fair. Also, I have two trees whose root systems will be undercut and they are not on the plan to be replaced. I don't want them to be replaced; I don't want them taken out.


Mr. Shuler said I don't think we're going to satisfy you but I think we've explained and answered each of your questions publicly at the meeting. We're trying to get this project built as quickly as we can so that the disruption to all of the property owners along this entire corridor is kept to a minimum. Sure, there will be problems during construction. There is in every construction project but we're trying to move the project forward as quickly as possible and by working off the road, it allows the work to go more quickly. The main reason the storm sewer is proposed where it is, is to avoid other utilities that are already in place.


Mr. Szempruch asked if I landscape my own yard can I be reimbursed? It should take about one week to put the pipe in my yard and get the yard re-landscaped.


Mr. Shuler replied we are going to do it as quickly and efficiently as possible but we're not going to concentrate on a single area. The deduct for taking one yard off the contract would be so minimal that it would not pay you to do it yourself.


Mr. Danbury said we are not charging you for this. We are not giving you a refund when you are not paying for anything.


Mr. Szempruch said I know you live behind me off Kemper and I should sell my house if I'm unhappy with the project as you previously stated. I thought that was very crass. Does the Water Department assess you a fee now that we have a new storm sewer in front of our house?


Mayor Webster said I know that rumor has been flying up and down Kemper Road that the City of Springdale is going to levy a utility tax as has been done in Forest Park. We have never discussed a utility tax in this City. As Mr. Knorr reminded everyone two weeks ago we have installed storm sewers throughout this City. We have two major streets left to go, yours being one and Sharon Road being the other. We have never levied a penny of tax to finance that and we don't need a levy to finish it out. These are the last two major projects and then this entire city will have underground storm sewers. At the same time we are going to increase the safety for the motoring public and for you to exit and enter your driveway. Everybody has the right to protest; everyone has the right to petition and I respect that. We're trying to do something to better this community and I get the impression that you think we're trying to pull the wool over somebody's eyes to build a four lane road or secretly pass a tax levy, and that's the farthest thing from the truth.


Alice Noonan, 526 W. Kemper Road, said I was born and raised here so I'm a longtime resident of Springdale. I am not objecting to signing the papers on this. What I don't like is the attitude, especially my elected official. I attended the meeting. I watched these tapes on Sunday. Where were our letters in advance telling us this was going to be done. You are sending letters to the residents about the Rec Center. I never got a letter saying you were going to do anything on Kemper Road until after the fact. I don't mind being inconvenienced. I don't mind it in my front yard. I don't like having a drain there. You cannot guarantee me that it will not attract trash. Are you going to come to my house if I have ice in my yard in the wintertime? I'm one of the properties that has the creek in the back. I've had to pay $200 to have my grass cut because it floods and I can't do it. I'd rather have it in the back yard than the front yard. I feel sorry for my neighbors. I'm concerned that I am going to have a problem. Are you going to correct this problem. I like it in Springdale. I don't want to move which was said at the public meeting by you, Mr. Danbury to this neighbor right here. You are our elected officials. I can guarantee you that when you come to my door next time for re-election I won't be there for you because you weren't there for me. What is this drain going to do to my property? When it's raining am I going to be able to get in and out?


Mr. Danbury said I apologize if I offended anybody. I don't think I said last week or tonight or at the public hearing if you don't like it move. I don't mean to pressure anybody. I get upset because I got a couple of calls last week from people who were told things that were untrue and I think we made it extremely clear at the meeting that the City has no intention of taking over more of your yard.


Ms. Noonan said I don't care if you have lived here two days, or fifty years or 100 years, you are a resident of Springdale, and you have a right to state what you believe. You are our elected officials. The comment was made to both of these gentlemen who stood up that you haven't lived here very long. They have as much right as I do to voice their opinions and be treated with respect. I don't think we're getting that. I think it's time that you all take a look at yourselves. I sent my survey card back about the Rec Center. I don't think we need this sign. I pass one every day going downtown to work and I never read it, but I would buy a brick to have my family name there. I still don't agree with spending that kind of money when we have families in the community who could use that money and streets that need to be repaired. I think that definitely needs to be reviewed in a public meeting. I want a letter when there's a public meeting. Except for this one I don't remember ever getting a letter on public meetings. I know you have Mayor's Nite In on Wednesday which I like. The attitude is what I don't like.


Mr. Osborn said this project has been reviewed and discussed for a number of years. We sent letters to the residents who are being affected so we could advise them of the scope of the project and invite their participation in resolving any issues related to the construction. It was not intended to be a referendum. We've never done that. These meetings we are holding are relatively new. We have had many, many major highway projects where we contact the residents on an individual basis, but we've just started holding public meetings in the last several years. We are going to do it again with the Sharon Road project and the purpose is to share with the residents the nature of the project, what we see as issues that we want to try to resolve, but we're not going to take a vote on the project. We have representative government. These folks have put together a projection of needed improvements for the community over an extended period of time. Our main purpose of the meeting was to have direct contact with the residents in advance of the project. It was not intended to be a referendum on the project. In this particular case we do need easements from the residents to get the project done and we've exercised that issue pretty well. We've also used that contact to resolve specific issues, like in your case we are talking about removing some trees that you want taken down. We'll do that at no cost to you. I would hate to see the process we have started here turned upside down.


Mayor Webster said we have tried to effect this storm sewer project in front of your house for 5-7 years. We have applied for funding two or three times trying to get some state or federal money to try to help us do it. It's not something that we just decided to do. As Mr. Osborn said, we have a lot of projects go on in this City. Rightly or wrongly we don't have public hearings on all of them. That's one of the purposes of our charter. You have three at-large Council people sitting up here that you get the opportunity to vote for and you each have a district representative, so you get to elect the majority of this voting body. I think they make an attempt to try to keep the citizens informed. We have a newsletter that goes out three or four times a year. We have cable television here. We don't want to govern in the dark. It's an open government and we invite your participation. My only question of the residential longevity of the two gentlemen who spoke is that I don't think they are accustomed to having an open government that invites and is responsive to their comments. I'm not questioning their right to stand up there or to circulate a petition. I would die for that right. Anybody has that whether they've lived here 2 hours or 50 years. We're not trying to trample their rights. We're just trying to indicate to them that they are not used to living in a city with as open a government as this one.


Mr. Shuler said I just wanted to address a couple of specific questions Ms. Noonan asked. She said we wasted money on the survey if we didn't know where the property lines are. We did not need to survey side property lines to put a sewer parallel to the street. We did not do it wrong; we did not do it. If there is a situation where it is necessary to determine the exact property line, then the property would be surveyed. Secondly, I know you have a concern with the drain in your front yard. Since we are enclosing an open ditch with a storm sewer system to get rid of that maintenance problem, we did not want to have a situation where water could get trapped between your driveway and your next door neighbor's driveway so we are putting those yard drains in so water can freely run away from your property. Hopefully, by enclosing the ditches the maintenance and appearance of your front yard is going to be substantially improved from what it is now.


Ms. Noonan asked if I do have water backed up, will you come and take care of it?


Mr. Osborn replied if the storm sewer grate becomes obstructed we'll clean the grate. We need the easement to be able to maintain the storm sewer. At each one of these locations there will be a field drain of some type to collect the water and get it into the bigger pipe buried underground. If the pipe becomes obstructed let us know and we'll be out there to clean it.


Mr. Vanover said this project had been under discussion for a long time. We have spent money to develop the drawings. Before we can go out and talk about a project we have to know what the extent is. This development prompted the fact that we had to go get easements because there is not room in the main street to put this project. It may be after the fact but unfortunately, that's the way we have to do it. You are concerned about the drain. I have a depressed grate at the end of my driveway. When they replaced the driveways 4 or 5 years ago I asked if they could do something because I had a drop of about 14 inches from my driveway to that grate. They depressed the driveway curb level and this was before I sat in this seat. You mentioned the Rec Center. We have put a program together and have spent money. We have to because we have to know what it will cost, what we are talking about. Now we are in the middle of this proposed project and we're saying okay, if we're going to spend this money let's maximize our return for the dollar. Thus, we have asked what else would you like to see. There are municipalities that will do their thing and what's handed to you is handed to you, and I don't agree with that. I take offense that there is indication that we're trying to do something behind somebody's back. That's not how we operate.


Ms. Manis said you said you want to come up for the public hearing on the sign. I don't know that we'll actually have one on it. You can come up here anytime and your comments are noted. Anytime you see anything in the paper that you don't agree with, come up here and yell, or call somebody and let us know. I feel the same way you do about the sign but I don't know that I would be for sending out a personal letter to everybody in the City when it's been publicized.


Mayor Webster said I'll be more than happy to meet and we'll have somebody from the Engineer's Office to explain the technicalities if that will make the people happy. We will meet at 3:00 on Saturday, March 28 and stay until midnight if we have to.




Mr. Vanover made a motion to adopt and Mr. Galster seconded. Ordinance 18-1998 passed with 7 affirmative votes.




Mrs. McNear made a motion to adopt and Mr. Vanover seconded. Ordinance 19-1998 passed with 7 affirmative votes.




Mr. Vanover made a motion to adopt and Mrs. McNear seconded.


Mr. Shuler stated this is the top priority short term project that came out of the Kemper Corridor Study to help with the traffic congestion in the Kemper Road/S.R. 747 intersection area and the area between S. R. 747 and Tri-County Parkway that intersects Kemper Road by Sears' light. The project will include a new lane on the south side of Kemper from S. R. 747 to Tri-County parkway. It will include an additional left turn from westbound Kemper to southbound S. R. 747 to help balance the timing in the signal to make the intersection more efficient. It also will include work on the west side of S. R. 747 to provide the necessary transition so the lanes properly align across the intersection.


Ms. Manis said construction will not start until March 2000.


Mr. Shuler said this is a very difficult project because of the area we are working in and the concentration of businesses there. In addition, we have considerable utility problems that will have to be dealt with before we can start the project. We're anticipating that we will spend most of this year getting the field work design and right-of-way plans in place so we can start having those meetings with the individual affected property owners. We then need to acquire that right-of-way for the project before the utility companies will be able to relocate their facilities. Then we're going to try to double up a little and get our construction work started while the utility companies are finishing theirs. We really would like to have this project completed in October of 2000 before the Christmas season. We hope to start the project in late 1999. We will be able to do some of the underground work over the winter and do the roadway work in the summer.


Ordinance 20-1998 passed with 7 affirmative votes.




Mr. Vanover made a motion to adopt and Mr. Galster seconded.


Mr. Shuler said this is Phase II of the storm sewer project. This is the section that goes from approximately Greenlawn to Kenn Road and it does complete the enclosure of the ditch along that entire section and will then provide the storm sewer system along the roadway from Kenn Road to the creek. In this phase of the project, once we get west of Observatory the corporation line goes down the center of the street. Forest Park is also working on a schedule to also have their side of the road completed in the same time schedule. They'll be doing some of that work this year. Phase II is scheduled for 1999 construction and Forest Park has indicated that they will be finishing their project by the end of 1999 as well. We'll be doing the design work this summer and will be using this winter to meet with the residents to acquire the easements for Phase II. We'll probably be bidding the project next January/February and starting construction in April completing the work as early in the year as possible.


Ms. Pollitt asked when Phases I and II of Kemper Road are completed do you believe the residents on the east side of Rt. 4 will have better drainage than what we have right now?


Mr. Shuler replied these projects will not impact anything east of Rt. 4. All of the storm sewers west of Rt. 4 drain into that major channel that goes beside the Presbyterian Church, flow north and go under Glensprings by Perkins, then go under Rt. 4 along the interstate. They do come together but further downstream so what we are doing here will not have any impact on the local areas east of Rt. 4.


Ms. Manis said the newsletter that is going out soon will have an article about this in it.


Ordinance 21-1998 passed with 7 affirmative votes.




Mr. Vanover made a motion to adopt and Mrs. McNear seconded.


Mr. Vanover said Public Works has asked for your approval and support on this ordinance.


Ms. Manis asked if the Community Development Grant for handicap ramps is money that we had left or new money this year.


Mr. Osborn replied that is money that we were awarded and this is the second or third year of a three year cycle.


Ms. Manis asked are we planning on doing the handicap ramps at every curb regardless of the money?


Mr. Osborn responded that is correct. We are trying to find grant money where we can but regardless of that we are dedicating a certain portion of our resources each year to concrete work. Rather than do all the curbs in a quadrant of the City we try to spread them around, particularly if we can identify a location where there are people with access needs.


Ordinance 22-1998 passed with 7 affirmative votes.




First reading.




Ms. Pollitt said at the last meeting we voted on the lease for the Youth Boosters. I just wanted something on the record because there are not a lot of the original FRYS members left. Mr. Wilson had asked if any other organizations in Springdale had expressed an interest in leasing that facility. Years ago when we were involved with FRYS, when we renovated and enlarged the concession stand, the City paid for that enlargement, but FRYS paid for and has the equipment for everything inside including the air conditioning and probably the sinks. We paid for all the equipment and cabinetry. I do know that the air conditioning units were our responsibility for maintenance. I just wanted that to go on the record because there are probably not a lot of people who would remember that and it might come up again as an issue.






Mr. Osborn said Saturday, May 30 there will be a retirement party for Chief Freland at the Best Western. It will start at 6:30 p.m. with dinner at 7:00 p.m. Following dinner will be comments reflecting on the Chief's career.




Item 1 is still open

Item 3 is still open

Item 4 will have a second reading and be voted on at the next meeting

Item 8 will have a first reading

Will consider purchasing service for the LAN local area network system




Mr. Vanover made a motion for the committee of the whole to go into executive session to deal with issues involving possible real estate acquisition. Mr. Galster seconded. The motion passed with 7 affirmative votes.


Council went into executive session at 8:51 p.m. Council adjourned at 9:32 p.m.



Respectfully submitted,





Edward F. Knox

Clerk of Council/Finance Director


Minutes Approved:


Randy Danbury, President of Council




__________________________, l998