The Parks and Recreation Department maintains 182 acres of parkland distributed between Springdale neighborhood parks and the Community Center grounds. The department also maintains a 82,000 square foot Community Center that has a multitude of amenities.

Pets In Public Parks


(A) Subject to any applicable park rules and regulations, no more than two pets per individual having control of the pets shall be permitted in any public park or public recreation area of the city, provided that all pets shall be kept on a leash and within the physical control of the owner, harborer, or person having control of the animal.

(B) No person shall fail to remove any excrement deposited by any pet under his or her control while in public parks or public recreation areas of the City.

(C) The City shall reserve the right to adopt park rules and regulations limiting pets in identified recreation areas and disallowing any or all pets during specified events.

(D) Any person who violates this section, including any violation of any applicable park rule or regulation, shall be guilty of a minor misdemeanor.


Park Rules

No Alcoholic Beverages Without Pre-Authorization

Motor Vehicles Restricted to Parking Areas Only

No Golfing, Skateboards or Glass Bottles

Bicycling Restricted to Bike Paths and Parking Areas

Parks Closesat Dark Except for Scheduled Activities


Springdale Facilities

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